J.T. Ready Takes the Cover of Southern Poverty Law Center's "Year in Hate and Extremism"

If you're looking for the face of "The Year in Hate and Extremism," it's the face of neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, at least, according to the cover of the Southern Poverty Law Center's latest report.

Ready's spot on the front is well deserved, after he murdered a man, two women, and a child before killing himself at a Gilbert house in May.

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We mentioned Wednesday that Ready's cited in the SPLC's report on the nativist movement's being in its "death throes."

Ready was one of the few people left doing armed patrols with his buddies, and SPLC documented just three nativist groups left in Arizona -- down from 21 in 2009.

Aside from Ready's gigantic mug on the cover of the report, you can also see the faces of "Minuteman Project" co-founder Jim Gilchrist, Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page, and if you look close enough, a guy that looks a whole hell of a lot like Sheriff Joe Arpaio seems to be placed among the neo-Nazis and Klansmen, as we've circled below:

Click here to check out all the content in the SPLC's report from this spring.

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