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J.T. Ready's Victims: Three Fundraisers for Their Families

Three fundraisers are planned this week to help the families of J.T. Ready's victims. 

On May 2, Ready shot and killed his girlfriend Lisa Mederos, 47; her daughter Amber Mederos, 23; Amber's fiance Jim Hiott, 24; and Amber's one year-old baby girl Lilly, in a murder spree that ended when Ready turned the gun on himself.

The sole survivor, Brittany Mederos, 19, was in her bedroom when the shootings occurred. Her hysterical 911 call, where she reports finding her family members after Ready killed them, would make the hair of the hardest criminal stand on end.

Three Valley Pizza Huts will donate 20 percent of sales from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., today, Thursday, May 17. These include the Mesa Pizza Hut at 2056 East Baseline Road, the Gilbert Pizza Hut at 895 South Val Vista Drive, and the Chandler Pizza Hut at 1000 North Arizona Avenue. You're asked to present the attached flier, which has additional details.

According to a friend of the Mederos family, Valley Applebee's have pledged to donate 10 percent of participating diners' tabs tomorrow, Friday, May 18, from 11 a.m. till close. Once again, you'll need to present the attached flier, to ensure the donation goes to the right folks. 

(Note: Though I was able to confirm the participation of the Pizza Hut locations, I'm still waiting on a confirmation from Applebee's corporate office. So you may want to present the Applebee's flier up front if you go.)

Finally, there will be a car wash fundraiser from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, May 19, at Mesa's Mad Dog Saloon, 1860 South Stapley Drive.

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