Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally Tonight in Phoenix

Local black leaders will be heading up a "Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally" in Phoenix today.

Activist Revered Jarrett Maupin says the rally, to protest the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, will start at 6 p.m. by the federal courthouse in Downtown Phoenix.

Maupin says in an e-mail, "We must honor the martyred, including Trayvon, by continuing the long march towards racial equality and justice. Non-Violence is the means by which we hold the moral high-ground in this struggle."

He says the rally message is a call for the DoJ to file federal charges against Zimmerman for violating Martin's civil rights.

Cloves Campbell, the publisher of the Arizona Informant, a paper that serves the African-American community, also plans on heading up the rally, and issued a statement voicing his displeasure with the verdict.

"Regardless of whether further charges will be brought against George Zimmerman, all Americans have an obligation to Trayvon Martin's legacy to make sure that young, Black males in particular, are not stereotyped because of their color, their clothing or where they are walking or driving," Campbell's statement says. "It is a national tragedy that 50 years after the famous 'March on Washington,' our nation is still grappling with how to assure that all of God's children are not unfairly targeted for the criminal justice system or destined for pre-mature burial."

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