Karl "Jack" Frost of Chandler Tries to Arrest Chandler Man for Jogging in Bike Lane, Cops Say

Few things tick off Karl "Jack" Frost more than pedestrians in a bike lane, apparently.

Frost, a 47-year-old Chandler resident, tried to make a "citizen's arrest" on a 52-year-old Chandler man who was jogging in a bike lane yesterday, Gilbert police say.

The victim was jogging south on Islands Drive West toward Warner Road in Gilbert at about 7:30 a.m. when Frost "grabbed" the man.

Frost then called the police, identifying himself as "Jack" Frost, and said he was arresting a man for jogging in the bike lane. Frost also happened to have a .40-caliber Glock on him, though he didn't pull it out.

When police showed up to the scene, though, they arrested Frost and not the jogger.

It is, in fact, illegal to jog in a bike lane in Gilbert, confirms Sergeant Bill Balafas, Gilbert PD spokesman. Bike lanes are there "for the exclusive use of bicycles," with exceptions for emergencies, he says.

However, that's a civil offense. And citizens can't make citizens' arrests for anything but crimes that constitute a "breach of public peace."

"Jogging in a bike lane is far from a breach of public peace," Balafas explains.

Frost was booked into jail on suspicion of unlawful imprisonment, disorderly conduct and assault. Police are also investigating whether Frost may not be able to legally own a gun.

Correction: Gilbert police originally stated to the news media that Frost had previously been convicted of an unspecified felony. New Times research discovered that was incorrect and removed that info from the police quote.

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