Katt Williams (a Black Guy) a "White Supremacist;" a "Rich Bitch With Chains" -- According to Hispanic Woman With a Video Camera

According to a Hispanic woman with a video camera, comedian Katt Williams is a "racist" "uncle Tom" who's "kissing white ass."

If you ask "Maria," he's apparently a (black) white supremacist, too (click here to see a documentary on the only other black white supremacist we've ever heard of).

The woman's six-minute (profanity-laced) rant -- which is currently making the rounds on the Interwebs -- is in response to Williams' anti-Hispanic tirade during a performance in Phoenix, during which he told a Hispanic guy to go back to Mexico. He then called him a "nigga" before leading a Tea Party-esque "U.S.A...U.S.A" chant.

Williams has since apologized for his Kramer-like rant. His apology was called for (and accepted by) Phoenix civil rights activist Jarrett Maupin, who's also a black guy -- so "Maria's" claim that Williams is "kissing white ass" isn't entirely accurate. 

Williams plans to meet with civil rights leaders in Phoenix to discuss what he can do to help the immigration movement.

See "Maria's" idiotic ramblings below.

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