Keith Olbermann's Back and Battier Than Ever; Goes on Six-Minute Rant First Day Back From Suspension

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann was reinstated as the network's fear-monger-in-residence and was as smug as ever last night in his first appearance since he was suspended for violating the network's ethics policy last week.

If you weren't expecting a fast-paced rant and a jab at his competitors, you should have been -- it is, in fact, Keith Olbermann.

After a little ego-boosting self-promotion, and claims of unwavering support, Olbermann went into a six-minute rant where he -- among other things -- apologized to everyone but the people he pissed off: his bosses.

Rather than a straightforward apology, Olbermann sarcastically apologized for his own ignorance in not knowing that, as an employee of a major news outlet, he wasn't supposed to contribute to political campaigns without the network's blessing.

Then there was an explanation of why he was right and the network was wrong, followed by one of his patented pithy jabs at FOX News. Per usual, he then concluded the show with his best Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite impressions before sending viewers on their way with an icy glare.

In other words, a simple "sorry about all the hub-bub, now the news," would have done just fine.

Check Olbermann's rant after the jump.

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