Ken Bennett for Governor: Did He Just Help or Hurt His Chances?

We're not even through the 2012 election season, but let's talk 2014.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett was the highlight of Arizona news this week, after taking up the request of "birthers" to ask the State of Hawaii to verify President Obama's birth certificate.

The end to that was not so controversial -- Hawaii ended up having to explain yet again that yes, the president was born there, while Bennett took to KTAR to say that he apologized if he embarrassed the state.

Still, Bennett's a guy who's formed an exploratory committee to run for governor, and it would seem like playing to the wishes of "birthers" wouldn't help.

On the other hand, Stephen Lemons' column this week suggests that the "birther" stuff isn't too far out of line for your typical Arizona GOP-er, although Bennett has declared that he is not, in fact, a "birther."

Polling numbers show that support for the "birther bill" is higher than one might think, and Republicans need at least some support from the geezers who fill up tea party meetings to talk about socialist Muslims taking over the White House.

That leads us to this morning's question: did Bennett's "birther" assist help his chances for his possible gubernatorial run?

Cast your vote below:

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