Ken Whisenthunt Still Considering Starting Derek Anderson on Sunday. Seriously?

Even after benching him in the Arizona Cardinals' pitiful loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, Coach Ken Whisenhunt seems to still be toying with the idea of starting quarterback Derek Anderson against the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

Anderson, as has been well-documented by New Times, sucks. He's sucked all season -- and that's being polite. The fact that Whisenhunt is even considering playing him on Sunday is insulting to the other players on the team and fans.

From the Arizona Republic:

This week, Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt is faced with yet another difficult decision. Does he gamble and hope a terribly inconsistent Derek Anderson passes his concussion-symptoms tests? Or does he roll the dice even further and turn the starting quarterback job over to third-string rookie John Skelton?

Whisenhunt wasn't ready to say on Monday, a day after the Cardinals lost their seventh consecutive game 19-6 to the St. Louis Rams.

In the loss to the Rams, Anderson completed seven of 20 passes for 93 yards. He had no touchdowns and an interception. In other words, the decision that Anderson would no longer be the team's started -- particularly considering the Cards' playoff chances are now just shy of zilch -- should have been made at halftime in Sunday's loss, if not weeks ago.


have injury issues there. We have performance issues at that position," Whisenhunt told the paper. "That's something we're going to look at as we go forward this week."

The problem with starting Anderson, as many fans now see it, is he will likely not be with the team next year.

Several news outlets, New Times included, have already determined that the remainder of this season should be seen as nothing more than practice for next year.

Republic sports columnist Dan Bickley's column yesterday was titled "After Another Lifeless Loss, Arizona Cardinals Must Turn to the Future." In it, Bickley makes the case that the Cards should go with either Max Hall or John Skelton as the starter because they -- unlike Anderson -- stand a chance at being with the team next season.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King made a similar argument:

This has nothing to do with his postgame fit at logical questions from Arizona Republic beat man Kent Somers about why he was laughing on the sidelines in the fourth quarter of an embarrassing loss. It has to do with his play, which has been terrible. The Cardinals now are officially playing for 2011, which Anderson will have nothing to do with. Max Hall and John Skelton, the rookie quarterbacks backing up Anderson, will probably be on the team in 2011. They need to see all the time in the last 20 quarters of the season so Ken Whisenhunt can see which one will enter next season competing for the starting job with whoever Whisenhunt and GM Rod Graves import at the position.

If Whisenhunt starts Anderson this week -- or any week, for that matter -- the next head fans will be looking to make roll is his.

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