KFYI A-hole Barry Young blames Virginia Tech victims for their own murders.

Barry "Naw, I aint" Young, KFYI's pie-faced horse's patootie.

Anyone who's ever read stroke-mag Hustler knows of a feature called "Asshole of the Month," wherein politicians, ideologues and media types are skewered. I'm thinking of starting a version called "PHX A-hole of the Week," to honor P-town butt-holes deserving of the stanky title. This week's turd-factory is crusty KFYI blowhard Barry Young, aka, "Ankkkarlo's AM Shadow," because old-fart Young is the geriatric, near-death specter that will always follow in fellow wing-nut and KTAR host Darrell Ankarlo's wake.

I rarely listen to this heart-attack waiting to happen, but I happened to tune in this morning because I'd heard Jarrett Maupin was going to be on Young's program, and I wanted to hear the give-and-take. Anyway, either I was mistaken about Maupin being on or I missed him or they dropped him for some reason, because when I set the dial for 550 AM, Young and his bitchy, bitter co-host (I don't know her name, and oddly, neither did anyone at Clear Channel when I called.) were discussing the recent massacre of 32 students by 23-year-old fellow student Cho Seung-Hui, who offed himself after his bloody rampage.

The South Korean native apparently committed the mass killings with two handguns, and instead of wondering if maybe guns are maybe a little too readily available in our society, right-wing moon-howlers like Young are suggesting that this tragedy argues we need more guns. Why, if everyone was packin' on this campus, then surely someone would've plugged Cho's ass before he wiped out 32 lives and his own? Hmmm. Well, there are plenty of weapons in Iraq, but that doesn't make our boys in uniform any safer over there, does it? I'm no advocate against the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but I do know this kind of thing doesn't happen quite as often over in England or the Continent, where guns are harder to come by.

Young's point in this regard was pretty ordinary for an NRA-smoocher. More outrageous was his contention that the Virginia Tech students were responsible for their own murders. Young asserts, essentially, that the students were all a bunch of weenies, and they should have risen up and kicked Cho's keister even if a couple of them had to die in the process.

"They allowed themselves to be shot one at a time," spat Young at one point. And at another, he muses, "You gotta wonder why people would just stand there and be slaughtered."

Easy shit to say when you're safe behind your microphone, and when no one you know and loved was killed. Adding another even more obscene twist on the commentary was Young's loser female sidekick, who suggested the students didn't fight back because they'd been somehow Europeanized by their liberal college experience. So if this nasty old crone -- I'm guessing at that, because she sounded aged, at least -- is ever a victim of an assault of some kind, would it be fair of me to say it's 'cause she's a mean ol' hag and deserves what she gets? Not that I'd ever wish being assaulted or murdered on anyone, but the diatribes of Young and Witch Hazel remind me of those sick arguments that rape victims sometime "deserve" their fates.

Take a good look at Burl Ives-lookalike Young at KFYI's site: http://www.kfyi.com/pages/barry_young.html?feed=119587&article=359580. I don't care if this guy was carrying a rod, he'd still get himself pistol-whipped in a carjacking or whatever. What an idiot, a moron, a sphincter-esque brown-eyed bum. And one very worthy of the appelation, "A-hole of the Week."

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