Kid Cudi: Getting Tasered During All-Star Party in Scottsdale "Hurt Like a Mutha(#@$%!)"

On the heels of our post today about rap producer "Suge" Knight catching some punches over the weekend is another rap-and-basketball-related fight story -- this one involving an aspiring star from Cleveland named Kid Cudi.

Reportedly, Cudi (real name: Scott Mescudi) started the fight at Scottsdale's Canal restaurant, where he was scheduled to perform on Saturday, because he wanted to wear Air Jordans instead of Reeboks at the Reebok-sponsored party.  

After several articles started showing up about the fight -- Kid Cudi took to his blog and posted his own account of what happened. Here's a sample:


i was tasered (shit hurt like a muthafucka), I WAS NOT ARRESTED... 

i left in my car service immediately after the incident took place.... 

i didnt put my hands on anyone; the muthafucka i was tryna touch, i couldnt reach his fuckin coller to grab him...

its not about me being a tough guy, i dont even like violence and id like to talk suttin out before it gets physical. with that bein said, u kno it had to be suttin really REALLY fucked up for me to want to physically attack anyone...however i dont condone violence and i shouldnt have said anything to the douche, i just have a lot of shit on my mind at this time in my life, i let suttin petty get to me...u always hear the drama but wut about wuts goin on in my life? theres always a method to my madness, remember that when u think or hear suttin about me....

it wasnt over me wearin jordans; i arrived at the event in the most fugliest reeboks ever...

One detailed article about the incident, which quotes someone who witnessed the event, paints a portrait of Cudi as, well, sort of a jerk:

"I saw him yelling at some of the Reebok people about the sound system and someone getting him a drink, and then the next thing I know, he pushes one of the Reebok girls," the source tells us. "Security comes over and tries to escort him out and that really gets him going. As they're walking him through the door, he throws a punch at one of the security guards, a nice shot to the jaw. That's when he got tasered."

Cudi says on his site that he wasn't arrested. If he really started the fight by pushing a Reebok employee, though, it's possible Cudi could still face a criminal charge.

Because that's just not cool.

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