Kid Thinks He's Banging Cheerleader -- Really, It's His 49-Year-Old Schoolteacher

 Dreams of sex with a young cheerleader became a nightmare for a 14-year-old boy when the lights went on and he realized he had just boffed his 49-year-old teacher.

It sounds like it could have been in The Onion newspaper, but the scene really did occur on Saturday at a Best Western Hotel in Phoenix, authorities say, resulting in the arrest of an Ed Pastor Elementary School teacher, Rosanna Brown.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Brown and the boy had exchanged text messages for several days before agreeing to meet at the hotel. The boy caught a ride on a city bus, thinking he was heading for a rendezvous with a teenage cheerleader. Once in the room, the woman told him to close the door and hit the lights.

Though the woman is "pretty heavy" and the encounter definitely X-rated, the boy had no idea just what -- or who -- he was getting into, says sheriff's office spokeswoman Lisa Allen.

At some point, the boy realized he'd been had by his own teacher. So he called his mom -- it's what any kid what do in that situation, right?

Mom stormed down to the hotel and confronted Brown, who hid in the bathroom, Allen says. Sheriff's deputies who came to the scene arrested Brown and seized several items in the room, including a negligee. She's facing charges for sexual conduct with a minor.

A report by KTAR news radio, (92.3 FM), says Brown told police she was just trying to stop the boy from having sex with his girlfriend, Brown's 14-year-old goddaughter.

It seems likely her plan didn't work. But if the boy ever gets his chance with the real cheerleader, you can be sure he'll insist the lights stay on.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.