"Killer" Bees Attack New River Family Barbecue; One Man Stung Hospitalized

A swarm of bees attacked a New River family  barbecue Sunday evening, possibly stinging one man hundreds of times.

Fifteen people and a dog were stung repeatedly -- the guy stung the most went to the hospital. The dog "took the brunt of it," according to the Daisy Mountain Fire Chief, as quoted in the Arizona Republic.

A Channel 5 (KPHO-TV) report quotes a woman as saying her husband was stung 600 times. That sounds like an exaggeration, though a healthy adult without a venom allergy can handle up to 10 stings per pound of body weight before receiving a fatal dose.


Attacks like these are rare, and fewer people die from Africanized bee stings annually than are struck by lightning.

But given the choice, we'd take the lightning.


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