Kingman Man Arrested for Allegedly Molesting 5-Year-Old -- Photographing the Incident Probably Wasn't the Best Move

Mohave County sheriff's deputies arrested a man they say molested a 5-year-old girl.

In a brazen move of stupidity, police say 19-year-old Eric Allen Urquijo Jr photographed the alleged molestation with his cell phone, too.

Mohave County Sheriff's spokeswoman Sandy Edwards tells New Times Urquijo Jr was arrested last week after police say the mother of a friend with whom he was living contacted them to discuss his little photo shoot.

The mother caught wind of the photos because not only was Urquijo Jr bold enough to allegedly photograph the molestation, he was compelled to show his buddy the photos as proof.

The friend told the mother, the mother told police, and Urquijo Jr ended up in handcuffs.

According to police, Urquijo Jr claims he didn't have the phone the day the alleged molestation took place.

Edwards wouldn't say whether Urquijo Jr appeared in any of the photos he allegedly took of the molestation but if he's smiling for the camera, trying to claim he didn't have the phone might be tricky.

Urquijo Jr was taken to the Mohave County Jail and charged with a felony count of sexual exploitation of a minor.

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