Kingman Woman Running "Animal Shelter" Hoarded Dogs and Cats, Cops Say

A Kingman woman was arrested Tuesday after police received reports of a foul smell coming from one of her homes.

That foul smell was a bunch of dead animals.

Police began investigating 43-year-old Deanne Lynn Ray-Rike on February 10, when the smell was first reported.

The smell was coming from a house where Ray-Rike used to live and when police searched it, they found several dead dogs and cats inside the home, in the garbage, and in the carport area. The house was also covered in feces.

According to police, Ray-Rike was running an unlicensed animal shelter she was calling "Unique Animal Care and Rescue."

It seems the only thing somewhat "unique" about the shelter was that Ray-Rike was providing the animals with virtually no care and was merely collecting pets.

When police searched the home where Ray-Rike is currently living, they found dozens of abused animals.

There were reportedly more than 30 cats and about six dogs, many of which had no water available to them.

As a result, Ray-Rike faces several misdemeanors, including operating a kennel without a permit and animal cruelty.

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