Kittens Killed in Domestic Dispute; Phoenix Man Charged With Attacking Ex-Girlfriend


Nothing proves you're a real man like killing defenseless kittens.

Cops are accusing Richard Thomas Routin, 25, of stealing three of his ex-girlfriend's kitties during a nasty fight, then killing them and dumping their bodies in trash cans.

Routin also sexually assaulted the woman in her trailer home during the Easter Sunday attack, according to court documents.

The victim called police just before 2 p.m. on Sunday, claiming that Routin -- who was drunk -- had broken the glass in her trailer's door, forced his way in and molested her. Court records state that police have responded to previous domestic violence incidents involving the pair.

The woman eventually broke free from Routin, fled the trailer, and hid around a corner until she saw Routin leave. When she went back inside, she saw that the kittens were missing.

A few minutes later, cops spotted Routin walking on 39th Avenue near Van Buren Street. He admitted to killing all three kittens but denied touching the woman.

The dead kittens were later found by police.

Cops want Routin charged with three counts of animal abuse, kidnapping, sexual assault, burglary, and theft.

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