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Kolton Clark a Victim of MCSO Brutality? "No, I'm Cool," He Says

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The evidence is in, and Kolton Clark's account about being beat up by Maricopa County Sheriff's Office detention officers isn't included in that evidence.

The Sheriff's Office announced last week that Clark -- who was bailed out of jail by Democratic Sheriff candidate John Rowan -- faces a charge of false reporting to law enforcement, and neither the video of Clark in jail nor the phone calls to his mother seem to help his cause.

In a jailhouse phone call to his mom, the first time Clark brings up his claim of being beaten at the jail, he tells her they "...tased me, took me down, fucked me up just a little bit -- damned sheriff -- and then stripped me butt naked and left me in a damned safe cell..."

We obtained the video footage of the incident, and while Clark getting stripped butt-naked and left in the safe cell sure happened, there's no evidence he was tased or roughed up "just a little bit," even though he's on camera every second prior to that.

In a phone call two days prior, though, he attributed his injuries to the fight that landed him in jail.

"The stupid thing is, they arrested me and shit when dude hit me all over my head with fucking rings on -- while the dog was attacking me -- and they expect me not to try to fight back and shit," he said in the call, which was recorded. "Dude done fucked up my damn eye and shit -- he busted my eye up and shit because he punched my with fucking rings."

Two days later -- after Clark told his mother his story about being beat up at the jail -- she informed him that he was being bailed out of jail, and told him to walk with his head down "because you are a victim," she said.

"No no no no no no no, I'm cool," Clark responded. "I don't want none of that shit, I told them I ain't writing no grievance on that shit."

After Clark asked his mother why he would have to walk with his head down "like I'm a victim," his mother reminded him -- you are a victim.

"No," he said, before pausing for a couple seconds. "When are they supposed to release me then?"

In another conversation, Clark talks about pulling the "racist card" because Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "racist and shit," and the prospect of getting up to $4 million for his case.

The video recordings from the jail are too low-quality to tell when Clark received his injuries -- since they're never identifiable from the videos -- but there was apparently enough evidence that the beating didn't happen that he's going to face a charge for it.

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