Kristen Keogh Leaves AG Brnovich for TV Weather Job

Kristen Keogh, former Fox 10 News reporter and Arizona Coyotes cheerleader, was one of new state Attorney General Mark Brnovich's more, um, interesting, hires.

Brnovich, a Republican with a quirky history and personality, (as covered by fellow New Times writer Stephen Lemons in a February feature article), chose Keogh as his spokesperson in late December, just before taking office.

On Monday, Keogh began her first day in her new job as "weather anchor and reporter" for ABC 10 (KGTV-TV) in San Diego. Perhaps her departure had something to do with her performance for Brnovich, or perhaps not — the new job is an enviable one for any Phoenician, this time of year.

Keogh never seemed to take her post as press secretary very seriously. In a December 28 Facebook post, she told her many online friends about her new job — and made sure to let them know she planned on continuing her YouTube channel, The Craftcaster Girls.

"Superhero night at Chase Field. BOOM! POW! KAZAAM!" — May 22 Facebook post by Kristen Keogh, state Attorney General Mark Brnovich's now-former spokesperson.
"Superhero night at Chase Field. BOOM! POW! KAZAAM!" — May 22 Facebook post by Kristen Keogh, state Attorney General Mark Brnovich's now-former spokesperson.

"We are The Craftcaster Girls. Hailey Frances and Kristen Keogh are newscaster (sic) with a passion for crafts," the channel's "about" section reads.

Over the last few months, she and Frances posted more than two dozen videos about crafting, most of them drawing between 100 and 200 views.

She'd show up every now and then in a TV newscast on behalf of the AG's office, including at least once in front of a wall full of law books. Her Facebook posts during her time with Brnovich's office, meanwhile, were full of product endorsements and pin-up shots. For assignments like talking to reporters about heavier subject matters, Brnovich would utilize his other spokesperson, Ryan Anderson.

Not to say Keogh doesn't have many fine qualities, however, besides her most-obvious assets.

Keogh emailed us after we requested a comment from her on Monday:

"I had a wonderful opportunity come up in a place I've always dreamed of calling home- San Diego. I am now a weather anchor and reporter at KGTV (ABC 10).

"I had a great experience at the AG's Office and am so grateful for that opportunity. I look forward to applying what I learned on the other side of politics to my journalism work.

"Once General Brnovich said while we were chatting in his office 'life is like surfing, when your wave comes along you have to ride it.' This is my wave.

"Arizona will always be home, but I'm already loving being a Californian."

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