Kristopher Harvey Decided to "Teach His Two Sons a Lesson" by Making Them Take Liquor Shots Until They Were "Screaming and Crying"

Say what you will about unorthodox parenting techniques, but Surprise police officers think discipline shouldn't involve two "highly intoxicated" boys in their underwear crying, screaming, and vomiting.

Cops say that's the route Kristopher Harvey took on his boys Monday, and that earned him a trip to jail.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Harvey, 32, was "just trying to teach his boys a lesson."

Harvey was trying to teach that lesson to his sons, ages 13 and 14, because his girlfriend found out that the boys had consumed some of pops' alcohol last week.

When the girlfriend came home about 6 p.m. Monday, she asked Harvey what was going on with everyone in the household being drunk, and Harvey said he was teaching the boys a lesson by making them drink shots of hard liquor.

"[Harvey] had the boys in the backyard and advised them they were not allowed to come back into the residence until they finished their shots," court documents state. "[Harvey] began throwing both boys in the pool while intoxicated."

A neighbor called the cops after hearing the boys screaming and crying in the backyard and also thought he heard a smacking noise, as if someone was being hit.

Harvey came outside when the cops showed up, and appeared to be "highly intoxicated," giving police the line about trying to teach the boys a lesson, according to the documents.

Cops went inside the house to check on the two boys, who were both "in their underwear crying and screaming."

One of the boys, who was attempting to upchuck his alcohol into the toilet, told the cops their father had made them consume all the shots.

Police described both boys as "highly intoxicated," and note that the one boy successfully threw up before fire personnel arrived.

Through interviews with Harvey, his girlfriend, and another friend, police say they found out the boys actually live with their grandmother in California, and they were just in town to visit their father.

Things went south after Harvey got word that they had consumed some of his alcohol earlier in the week.

Harvey was booked into jail on two felony child-abuse charges, and to quell any curiosity, the report doesn't state what type of alcohol it was.

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