KTAR and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas' Sweetheart Deal Keeps On Giving

By Ray Stern

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has put together an intriguing report with lots of statistics about illegal immigration and crime. But I can't share any details about it with you yet because 92.3 FM (KTAR) is apparently the only news outlet that's seen the report.

You know, the same KTAR that took $11,500 in public funds from Thomas in July to help promote a book tour by one of its talk show hosts, Darrell Ankarlo (pictured). The right-wing host subsequently gave air-time to Thomas, though Ankarlo claims it was his employer that received the cash, not him personally.

"KTAR and the County Attorney's Office created this relationship," he says.

Looks like the relationship is getting even cozier.

New Times requested to see a copy of the report early this morning, just minutes after KTAR posted an article about it on their Web site.

But Thomas' spokesman, Michael Scerbo, replied only with a mass e-mail to the media, stating that the report would be released during a press conference at 3 p.m. today.

KTAR reporter Jim Cross tells New Times he was allowed to view the report and take notes on it at the County Attorney's office -- yesterday.

Playing favorites with the media: Another example of your tax dollars at work.

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