Ankkkarlo loves the misery of others, especially if they're illegals...

KTAR's Darrell Ankkkarlo: Suffer the Mexican children, really suffer.

KTAR saliva jockey Darrell Ankarlo was practically beating off on the radio this morning in ecstasy over the news of three teenagers being deported to Mexico after being stopped by a Gilbert police officer for drag racing. Sure, if they hadn't been drag racing to begin with, they wouldn't have earned one-way tickets back to where their parents were from. But on the other hand, teenagers do dumb shit all the time without being exiled. We're talking about two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old, and here Ankkkarlow-brow is getting his racist rocks off over their misery.

Both Ankkkarlo and the AZ Repugnant's Laurie Roberts, the snooze-inducing soccer-momish battle-axe with whom the Repugnant likes to fill back pages, think it's "a shame" (as the middle-aged, potato-faced Roberts wrote in her blog) that the parents didn't come forward and get arrested for being illegal as well so they too could be deported. Never seems to occur to either of these geniuses that maybe the 'rents have other children they still have to feed, and that if the whole family goes back to the homeland, all of them might end up on the street. Both of these idiots obviously make too much money to understand that illegal immigrants come here for gainful employment, gainful employment they cannot find in Mexico. Otherwise, why would they come here?

Poverty in Mexico drives people to cross the border. America is offering these people jobs. But assholes like Ankarlo and Roberts want them to live under the constant fear of deportation. Like slaves. I wish I could find out who landscapes Roberts' home. And I'm sure both Roberts and Ankarlo eat out like everyone else. So however they slice it, they are directly benefiting from the illegal immigration they decry.

Ankarlo was also whining this a.m. about how much money illegal immigrants cost us. But undocumented workers pour money into federal coffers via phony Social Security numbers, and they pay taxes. They'll never collect on the $7 billion that goes into the Social Security general fund because the numbers they're using are bogus. The undocumented also help drive the economy by taking jobs Americans won't do. Here's a question for Ankarlow-brow and the reactionary Ms. Roberts: Who cleans the office buildings you work in? Have you checked to make sure that whatever companies KTAR and the Repugnant are contracting with use only American citizens? I didn't think so.

A favorite guest of Ankarlo is state Rep. Russell Pearce, the racist Mormon mofo who got caught last year sending out an e-mail that originated from neo-Nazis. Strangely, Ankarlo never brings this up in conversation with the bull-headed bigot. Can't figure out why...

PS: Found this great Ankarlo MySpace page here: Seems unlikely it's really Ankarlo's, 'cause of the marijuana motif, the Peaches theme song "Fuck the Pain Away," and all the rest. I asked Ankarlo's producer Rob Hunter about it, and he seemed shocked by it. Yeah, there's no way the real Ankarlow-brow could be this cool. But if he were, it might alter my opinion of him a bit.

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