KTAR's redneck fans ready to starve themselves if Mexicans don't pick their food.

PHX radio station KTAR 92.3 FM's a real conundrum. As far as reporting local, breaking news, they do a pretty good job sometimes. And they have an increasingly solid Web site, with interesting stories that they've either cribbed from other sources or have done original reporting on. This, despite the fact that the majority of their broadcast time is taken up by right-wing-nut shills, like Darrell Ankarlo in the morning, who's a tireless, rabid promoter of anti-Mexican bigotry. They also run syndicated conservative asshole Glenn Beck (who tones it way down for CNN, BTW), and are featuring this new geek white-man-rightist Mac Brown. Larry Gaydos is a bore. But at least they have spoof-artist Phil Hendrie late night, which is cool.

But back to the news, and in this case a story filed today by KTAR reporters Jim Cross and Sandra Haros, "Vegetable Harvest in Jeopardy, No Workers," which tells how the winter vegetable crop for the entire friggin' nation is in danger because the farmers in Yuma don't have enough workers. Know why they don't have enough workers? Check it, "Arizona's tough new employer sanctions law, which takes effect Jan. 1, is scaring away many of the 30,000 workers needed each day."

That's right, what nativist moonhowlers like Russell Pearce and Darrell Ankarlo have been dreaming about is finally happening: The illegal immigrants willing to bust their butts in the fields are staying away from AZ. Hey, who needs veggies, anyway? There's that little problem of the local economy, though. So where are all those all-American crackas out there, just dying to take back these jobs from the "illegal invaders," as AnKKKarlo calls 'em? Well, the piece by Cross and Haros has an answer for that:

Paul Muthart with Pasquinelli Produce said growers cannot rely on American workers moving into the region to fill the void.

"This is seasonal-type work in an out-of-the-way place in our country, and it's about getting people who are willing to do this hard labor out there," Muthart said. "Sad to say, there aren't American citizens who are willing to come into this region to work for six months."

Now, I think it should be the patriotic duty of all the meth-lovin' chalkies out there in the trailer parks sitting on their pimply white asses to get themselves off the dole, down to Yuma, and get to workin'. But it seems they're too busy, parked in front of their 'puters, eatin' cheese doodles and bitchin'. Here are some of the comments from KTAR's toothless Web-surfers. I didn't bother to correct their spelling or grammar.

Bob the Bigot says,

Scare them all away. They should be scared, their criminals breaking the law of the USA. They dont belong here, they are not wanted here, we really DONT need or want them here. The media and the produce companys want you to think we need them but we dont.

Dumbass Jeffaz says,

I guess you shouldn't run a business that needs a criminal workforce to succeed.

Dennis the Douche says,

Note to the Yuma County Sheriff: take a page from Joe's play book and check green cards at harvest time!!

Buttmunch John B. says,

a Bean by any other name is a Bean. I can trace my ancestors back to fighting in the American Revolution. Whereas your ancestors were running away during the U.S. War with Mexico. Wash your dirty hands and get back to the grill at Filiberto's.

Huh wah the Hatemonger says,

We are not going to subsidize your underpaid illegal workforce any longer. You are going to have to pay more and higher legal workers. If produce prices have to double so be it.

I'll pay more for produce to be free of these criminals who have no respect for us or our way of life. I also know how to ow my lawn so I won't be needed any of their services.

See, these wackos are willing to wreck the economy, they hate brown folk so much. Talk about chopping off your snout to spite your face! If anyone ever needs schooling in the irrational nature of bigotry, they need only study KTAR's comments section. And you know what's ironic? These peckerwoods are the first ones who'll be cryin' when the prices go up. Pathetic.

(Oh, and in answer to "Lazy Lemmons," the playa-hata who's too lazy to spell my name right, the Mormons own KTAR.)

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