KTVK Clarifies Anchor Was Not That Upset About Peyton Manning Going to Denver

If you were watching KTVK (Channel 3) this morning, you may have heard anchor Kaley O'Kelley shout a four-letter word that ends in "uck" when she found out quarterback Peyton Manning was headed for the Denver Broncos.

While many people in the Valley have probably dropped an F-bomb or two over the past few days upon hearing that Manning's not going to the Arizona Cardinals, O'Kelley sure isn't one of them.

O'Kelley, strangely enough, shouted about losing a "buck."

Now, we're not going to blame anyone for helping start the rumor that O'Kelley dropped the F-bomb (of course we will, it was Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina), but it's making the rounds on the interwebs under such classy headlines as Deadspin's, "Arizona Newscaster Hears Manning Signed With Denver, Lets Out A Big Old 'Fuck!'"

O'Kelley explained on Twitter that it was a bet for a "buck" with her dad, and says it's a "[l]esson learned" to use the word "dollar."

O'Kelley's co-anchor Scott Pasmore even made this adorable video explaining what actually happened:

For some reason, some people apparently think O'Kelley still said it, which you can decide for yourself in the video at the top.

For what it's worth, we're still a little bitter on Manning bailing on the Valley, and according to our poll, nearly half of you are too.

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