Kudos to Maricopa County For Promoting Shelby Scharbach

We've never laid eyes on Shelby Scharbach, and we've only spoken to her by phone a time or two.

​But we were happy to learn a few minutes ago that Maricopa County has promoted its finance director to a new position as Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately.

Honestly, we have no idea if Ms. Scharbach will be able to help steer the county's bureaucracy through these terrible economic times. But we can tell you this:

Shelby Scharbach has been a real pro when it's come to dealing with our occasional public-records requests, ever-responsive and cordial. This professionalism has not gone unnoticed by my next-door neighbor (at work) Sarah Fenske and myself.

Hoping not to be the kiss of death, we wish her well in her new gig.

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Paul Rubin
Contact: Paul Rubin