Kurt Warner Ends Rumors of Return With Exclamation-Point-Filled Tweet

Yesterday, NBC sports analyst Mike Florio planted the seeds for rumors of former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner's triumphant return to the gridiron.

When Warner retired at the end of last season, we thought he made it pretty clear that he had no intention of pullin' a Favre and backing out on retirement, but Florio claimed he'd heard some "rumblings" that Warner's return to the Cardinals "could" be in the works.

Here's Florio's rationale:

 Some believe Warner assumed he'd automatically get a job covering the NFL on one of the networks.  To date, he hasn't.  And, by now, the assignments for 2011 are largely firmed up.

So if Warner won't have a TV gig in 2010, the thinking is that he could be lured back to the gridiron.

And the Cardinals, who are saddled with Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson, could be interested in bringing him back.

Evidently, Warner is serious about putting the seemingly baseless rumors to bed, which he did this morning in an exclamation-point-filled "tweet."

"Sorry, to all of you that may [be] holding out hope of a return! I am done and have plenty to do! But hope to stay involved with (football)! We'll see," Warner "tweeted" this morning.

Congratulations Matt Leinart -- you still have a job.

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