Kurt Warner Signs Two-Year, $23 Million Deal With Arizona Cardinals, $19 Mil of it Guaranteed

You could see this coming after Kurt Warner's trip to visit the San Francisco 49ers and his compromise offer to the Cardinals:

He has agreed to a two-year, $23 million contract, with a $15 million signing bonus and $4 million in base salary. The remaining $4 million would be paid based on incentives.

Warner said all along he preferred staying with Arizona, but he tested the free agency market with the visit, including a team physical, to the 49ers Bay Area training facility Monday. The next day, he reduced his salary demand of about $14.5 million a year to $11.5 million -- even though his agent said the Niners had offered more than that.


While the team has Heisman Trophy winner and NCAA National Champion Matt Leinart as Warner's backup, the Cardinals bent over backwards to sign the soon-to-be 38-year-old quarterback -- who'd had a Pro Bowl season that resulted in an NFC championship and Arizona's first appearance in the Super Bowl.

The Cardinals' next hurdle will be making one of Warner's top three receivers, Anquan Boldin, happy. Warner had said he would forego $1 million a year of his deal if the Cardinals would renegotiate Boldin's $22.75 million contract, which has two years left on it.

No word on what happened to that proposal.

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