Kyle Seaman Allegedly Punched A Female Neighbor And A Cop in The Middle of The Street... Naked

The decision between not wearing clothes or hitting a woman and a cop must be a difficult one, because cops say 21-year-old Kyle Seaman went with both.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Chandler police got a call Saturday night from Seaman's neighbors about the gentleman wandering around the neighborhood streets naked.

The woman came up to Seaman to make sure he was all right, but he had an attitude about it and started yelling at her.

Seaman then decided to punch the woman in the face -- thrice, according to court documents.

While the woman dropped to the ground and cover her, her husband took him down and held him until the police arrived.

Then the police arrived.

As the officer attempted to put Seaman in handcuffs, police say Seaman started punching again, hitting the officer three times in the arm.

Just as a reminder, Seaman's still naked at this point.

Seaman then got the Taser treatment, being "electronically controlled" before he was finally handcuffed.

Seaman was taken to the hospital for minor injuries before being booked into jail.

Police say Seaman was under the influence of alcohol or some sort of drug, but didn't specify which one(s).

He's facing charges of aggravated assault, assault with intent, disorderly conduct, and, of course, indecent exposure.

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Matthew Hendley
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