Kyrsten Sinema Doesn't Like America, but Loves Flower Power, According to Vernon Parker Ad

It's not every day that a Republican congressional candidate releases an ad that probably requires the consumption of hallucinogenic drugs to get the full effect.

Yet, Republican CD9 candidate Vernon Parker has this downright groovy ad out that's just too awesome to ignore, regardless of the political content.

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From this ad, we can conclude that his Democratic opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, is running on flower power, she doesn't like war, and toward the end of the ad, it's said that Sinema has "promoted hatred" toward the U.S. of A.

"And perhaps the weirdest of all, Sinema participated in Pagan rituals, singing and spiraling during an anti-war protest," the non-hippie narrator says in the ad.

If you watch cable television in the area, you've probably seen the similar ad from a pro-Parker political-action committee, which is set in outer space.

Like that ad, and most political ads, really, there are a few misleading things about the hippie ad.

When it says Sinema described herself as a "socialist," she actually described herself as a "Prada socialist," which she explained has to do with clothes and accessories, or something like that. Also, it'd be OK if she's "too extreme for central Phoenix," because that's not where her district is.

There's some other questionable stuff in the ad, but that's not the point -- the hippie theme is just too great to pass up. Pop some LSD, and check out the ad below:

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