Lacey Named New YORK Times Phoenix Bureau Chief -- Stop the Flippin' Presses!

We read that in yesterday's Romenesko, a well-read insider blog about the media that appears on the Poynter Institute's excellent Web site.


The boss of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times (who usually looks a little better than in this photo) didn't tell us he was planning on adding a new New to his resume.

Last we saw, he was doing a tongue-in-cheek take on rounding up illegal-immigrant Canadian Jews and sending  them back where they came from. (Check the parody out here, if you know how to smile and think a little at the same time.)

We thought that overseeing 14 news-weeklies around the country (Mike and partner Jim Larkin founded this one back when old Tricky Dick Nixon still was running things) might do it for him, especially in these lousy economic times.

Well, read on.

Our Lacey's current gig apparently is enough
Alas, it's a veteran journalist dude named Marc Lacey, who is said in an internal New York Times memo to have "mastered the immigration issues that are so urgent north of the border."

Must be nice. We're still working on that.

Anyway, the Times is supposed to open its Phoenix bureau in "mid-summer."


Not then.

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