Manet, doing what she does best: Cutting fucking ribbons.

Lack of Vision Thing

Len "Premarital" Munsil may be headed for certain defeat (picture a surfer heading into a tsunami), but the fella made an excellent point in a November 3 post to his blog about the Guv's lack of vision and her last-minute, half-assed attempt to tell us what she's gonna do for the next four years in power. (Aside from grooming herself for a DC appointment.) Munsil's been after Nappy for a while to, oh, you know, spit out an agenda like most other campaigners for high office, something she didn't feel she had to do until FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION!

Of course, Manet is long on vague, short on details. Guess what, she's gonna try to improve education! Good idea, since after four years of chin music from her on the issue, AZ is now ranked the dumbest state in the union.

She also wants to "reduce illegal immigration" by passing the buck to the federal government, "improve growth management," and help the old folks in nursing homes. While you're at it, J-dawg, could you do something about the corn on my big toe, and the stray cat population in Maricopa County. It's really getting out of control.

What I'm saying folks is that Janet's got less vision than a blind javelina. She's basically good at mouthing meaningless platitudes, garnering photo ops for herself, cutting ribbons, marching in parades, yadda-yadda-yadda. A recent comment on my political signs post gives the usual Zonie rationalization of why Nappy is loved despite being a big, fat zero: Those that came before were either corrupt or sat on their hands more than she does now. Whew, way to raise the bar dood!

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