Larry Lee Thompson's Girlfriend Dissed Him in Front Of His Friends -- So He Stabbed Her 16 Times

Larry Lee Thompson, a transient ex-con with a long history of domestic violence, felt that his 48-year-old girlfriend got a little lippy with him last night as the two were hanging out on the streets of Phoenix. So he stabbed her 16 times.

It should be noted that last night was the second time Thompson stabbed the victim in the last 30 days -- she apparently "disrespected" him last month, too.

According to court records obtained by New Times, police were called to the 700 block of West Madison Street about 11 p.m. yesterday after someone called 9-1-1 to report a stabbing.

When police arrived, they found Thompson's girlfriend -- who is also homeless -- bleeding on the sidewalk.

Witnesses told police they watched Thompson beat and stab the woman before fleeing on foot.

It didn't take long for police to track down Thomspon, though, who was found with blood all over his hands near 11th Avenue and Buchanan Street shortly after the stabbing.

Once in custody, Thompson sang like a bird -- he admitted he felt his girlfriend "disrespected" him in front of people, so he stabbed her 16 times in the chest and arms before kicking her in the face twice as she lay helpless on the ground (the victim has health problems and gets around with the help of a walker).

Thompson told police his girlfriend begged for him not to kill her. He responded by continuing to stab her while saying "I hope you die."

Thompson also told police about an incident last month where his girlfriend had again "disrespected" him. During that incident, Thompson used the same knife used in yesterday's attack to stab the woman.

Phoenix police say the victim is in critical but stable condition.

Thompson was booked on one count of attempted second-degree murder.

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