What the AZPunk chicks wished they looked like...

Last KR post...forever?

Who said women stick together? If you wanna see females of the species go after each other along the lines of a prison riot on HBO's Oz, just point out that one is better looking than the others, and watch out for the razor-sharp claws! Case in point: all the chicks on AZPunk.com who've gone after the lithesome, ivory-skinned Katie Rose with long knives ever since this bitch session between myself and the AZPunk clique began. I'm guessing the witches can't stand the gal because many (though not all) are chubsy-ubsy, pimply-assed and in bad need of a shave. Basically, AZPunkettes, the ones that mouth off the most, tend to be a little too fond of Twinkies and PBR, if you catch my drift. And despite the holier-than-thou 'tude they cop over KR's wanton ways, this ain't exactly some nunnery we're talking about. Many of them make up that class of geeky gals who always wanted to sleep with the BMOC, but ended up bustin' out an ankle-biter with the dude from HS chem class who lived in the trailer down from theirs. Ah, meth, the ultimate aphrodisiac!

This will likely be my last Katie Rose post for the remainder of my existence. But I figured it needed one last jab in the eyeball. The pic here should be proof enough KR's sweeter than Krispy Kreme doughnuts. And before all the fat chicks get on me about this, yep, I probably outweigh a few of them. But, you see, I'm not hatin' on anyone...

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