Last Minute Monday: "Gardians of the Camargue: The French Buckaroo Tradition"

Jonathan McNamara

Between Gustavo Arellano spouting Latin wisdom at Changing Hands Book Store, Angela Johnson's pool side fashion show at the Clarendon, and all the other crazy happenings that went down this weekend, it wouldn't be hard to miss a few of the other gems around town.

Lucky for you, one of those gems merely started this weekend. That's right! If you didn't catch "Gardians of the Camargue: The French Buckaroo Tradition" when it opened at Burton Barr Central Library on Friday, why don't you put things right by wrasslin' up your best hombres and takin' a look-see at this French cowboy exhibition tonight?

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The event runs daily until July 31 at Burton Barr Central Library, so saddle up.

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