Last Minute Wednesday: Wii Bowling at Heather's Wild Hare

By Jonathan McNamara

Here's the secret to Nintendo's Wii bowling: you don't have to stand up. Trust me. You can sit on a barstool with one hand firmly clasped around a bottle of your choice while you lob virtual balls down a virtual lane and experience the thrill of a virtual crash.

Thanks to Heather's Wile Hare, you can do all this with the chance of winning a fair pot of cash. Every Wednesday at 9 p.m., the bar hosts a Wii Bowling tournament with a $5 buy-in. The jackpot goes to the couch jockey with the most Wii-mote finesse.

Think you've got what it takes? Press A + B and find out.

For more information about Heather's Wile Hare's weekly Wii Bowling tournament, read Wii Will Rock You by Jose Gonzalez.


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