Latest Out-of-State Politician to Make Arizona Politicos Look Good: Phil "Macho Man" Davidson, Candidate for County Treasurer in Ohio

Governor Jan Brewer can rest easy knowing that the video of her epic brain fart during last week's gubernatorial debate is no longer the most ridiculous video of a political candidate currently making the rounds on Youtube. That honor has been passed on to Phil Davidson, a candidate for county treasurer in Stark County, Ohio.

In our ongoing series entitled "out-of-state politicians who make Arizona politicos look good," we've introduced you to Basil Marceaux, a candidate for governor in Tennessee. In Marceaux's video, which instantly became a Youtube sensation, he just looked like a backwoods hillbilly, who may or may not have been drunk at the time it was filmed.

While Marceaux and Brewer just came across as stupid in their Youtube blockbusters, Davidson's video is more frightening than anything else.

Check him out after the jump.

As you can see in the clip, it seems someone needs to remind Davidson that he's running for treasurer of a county in Ohio -- not for WWE heavyweight champion.

In other words, the dude seems more like Hitler Macho Man Randy Savage than, say, Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin -- or anyone who isn't trying to put the fear of God into voters.

Let's compare:

While Jan's appearance in last week's debate might garner that "awww, she's so dumb it's cute" vote, Davidson's apparently gone a different direction. Davidson, it appears, is seeking the fear vote.

Nothing says "vote for me" like scaring the ever-loving shit out of people.

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