Law Enforcement Searching for Man Who Stalked, Exposed Self to Girls

Law enforcement agents with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office are on the lookout for an adult male accused of stalking two teenage girls and exposing himself to a third in San Tan Valley.

A statement from the PCSO describes the man as about 5-feet, 8-inches tall, weighing 200 pounds, white or Hispanic, bald with a beard, and possibly driving a white Chevrolet Sedan.

The PCSO's Mark Clark explains that his agency isn’t certain all three incidents related, but given the extraordinarily similar reports filed by the girls, it’s very likely that one man is behind all of them.

The first incident occurred on August 24 by the canal crossing near East Paso Fino Way and North Caspian Way, Clark says. A girl he described as between age 12 and 14 reported getting followed on a residential street by a suspicious-looking man who was walking along the bank of the canal.

Clark says he doesn’t know exactly how much distance was between the girl and the man but that “he was following her close enough to make her uncomfortable,” so she fled the scene.

“Then fast-forward to November 9,” he says, “and you have a very similarly described male doing almost the exact same MO in same neighborhood.”

In neither case did the man expose himself, but both girls reported feeling stalked.

The third incident occurred the next morning, November 9, about a mile and a half away. This location, described as near the intersection of Desert Willow Boulevard and Thisle Trail by the PCSO, also is a quiet residential neighborhood — Google maps shows it’s close to an elementary school.
Clark says the 12-year-old girl was walking down the street when she saw the man get out of a white Chevrolet Sedan. Again, it’s unclear exactly how close he was to her or for how long he stood there, but at some point, he says, the man exposed himself to her.

The girl reported the incident to her parents, who then alerted the nearby elementary school. Clark says the school’s public-resource officer also took a report of the exposure incident and that “all deputies that work in the area are aware of the spottings, and will be watching closely.”

School was out Wednesday for Veterans Day, and so far today, he says, there have been no new reports of the man's presence. “Again, we want parents or anyone in the area to call the Sheriff’s Office if they see something suspicious.”

Community Alert: (San Tan Valley) There have been at least two incidents where elementary aged girls have been followed...

Posted by Pinal County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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