Lawrence Robinson, Roosevelt School Board Member, Proposes Resolution to Make Sure District Campuses Stay Off Sheriff Joe Arpaio's School-Safety Posse Patrol List

Lawrence Robinson, a member of Roosevelt School District's Governing Board, has proposed a resolution to block Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio from assigning his school-safety volunteer posse to the district.

It's expected to be discussed, and possibly voted on, during tonight's board meeting at the Roosevelt School District Office, SW Corner of 7th Street and Southern Avenue.

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Robinson, who is also running to represent Phoenix City Council's District 8, acknowledges that there aren't any Roosevelt School District campuses on Arpaio's list of schools to which he's already started dispatching his posse.

However, he says, it's a proactive measure.

The resolution is an effort to keep Arpaio from "using non-certified volunteers, without the approval or cooperation of local districts" from patrolling schools in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting.

"These patrols would create further fear among students and families, deterring future involvement in their schools," the resolution states, adding that they already have "strong safety plans and positive relations with the Phoenix Police Department."

The Rise of South Phoenix, a community group supporting Robinson's campaign for Phoenix City Council, is planning to attend the meeting in a show of support for the resolution.

Devin Del Palacio, a spokesman for the group, tells New Times the community doesn't welcome Arpaio's presence.

"There are a lot of parents and students who just don't want him there, and they won't feel any safer with him there," he says, adding that the concern for many is the uncertainty of what role Arpaio's volunteers -- who are not police officers and have no law enforcement authority -- will really play on school campuses.

Robinson is proposing that "any sheriff's office activity be done in full collaboration with relevant agencies, including the Phoenix Police Department and the Roosevelt School District."

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