Bigger and Better

Size doesn't matter: It would have been easy for Kreme to revert to every fat joke he's ever heard when writing about "size awareness," but he didn't ("Full Bloom," Inferno, Stephen Lemons, July 28). Sure, the story had a sense of humor -- and even a few fat jokes out of the mouth of Kreme's colleague, Jett -- but it didn't make fat girls look like the poor pathetic losers that most of the mass media portray them as. It made the point that they love who they are.

Also, the truth has always been that a whole lot of guys love rotund girls. Find them sexy as hell, in fact! That full-figured look has always been a fetish to a lot of us. Also, there's been a myth that overweight girls are much easier to get into the sack, which makes them all the more alluring. I mean, any man who isn't attracted to your va-va-voom cover gal must be gay!

For guys like me, there was a lot of news in Inferno this time: Who knew before this column that this big-girls night was going on at Buster McNutty's, that a clothing company called Big Beauty Wear is starting up around here, or that the publisher of Big Butt magazine lives right here in the PHX?
Jefferson Teal, via the Internet

Good lovin': I'm a big gal myself, and I can't tell you how good it made me feel to read the "Full Bloom" Inferno column! There's actually a place I can go -- Buster McNutty's -- where men will appreciate me and where I will feel totally at home. I had heard about such places in Los Angeles, but I never knew that the Phoenix area is so progressive.

I have always had such a low opinion of myself, because no matter how much I diet, I can't lose the pounds. I'm the kind of person who needs only to walk by a slice of pizza to gain a couple of pounds. I know it's unhealthy to keep adding the pounds, but at least I know now that I can get some good lovin' no matter how fat I get. Maybe my low metabolism isn't all that bad a thing, after all.

Thanks for giving a BBG hope.
Alicia Anderson, Glendale

Fat is phat: Thank you for doing a great job on this "Full Bloom" column. We BBGs have a lot of new members to our Yahoo! groups, and we're actually getting men out of the closet!

I have a photo for the skinny chick who went to the club with Kreme [um, that would be Jett]. I think it's a cute pic of her actually having a good time. She doesn't smile much. Ha, I think she needs to eat more!
Goddess Neme, Chandler

Or maybe fat is just fat: You should be ashamed of yourselves! You shouldn't be pushing the dangerous idea that being outrageously overweight is a good thing! I don't care what these crazy women in your column are spewing, weighing 250-plus pounds on the average female frame is unhealthy and gross.

These women are delusional. Most of the men they are appealing to are freaks of nature, fetishists who probably are in need of extended mental-health care and strong antidepressants.

But it's interesting to know that the notion is out there (to this extent) that obesity is desirable, even sexy. Because it's up to health-care professionals to set people straight.
Dr. Terry Bender, via the Internet

Easy like Sunday morning: Like the rock group Queen said back in the day: Fat-bottomed girls make the rocking world go round! Fat girls are the best in the sack. I know because I've had a lot of BBWs, and I can tell you they love doing it -- almost as much as they love munching out.

About the girl in your cover story who says fat girls ain't easy, that's a joke! Don't believe me? Well, go to that fat-girls night at Buster McNutty's, and as long as you're not a burn victim or a total 'tard, you will get laid.
Name withheld by request

Eat, drink, get laid: What's up? I just finished reading the story about the big girls. That was just too funny! Especially that bit about Big Butt magazine. Is that for real? It's hard to believe that the guys you mentioned like women that big.

I've got a little extra weight, but not that much. Wow! Maybe I should start eating more if I want to hang out at Buster McNutty's. Hee-hee, eat all you want and get laid by hot guys, too. Anyway, good for these ladies! Jett made me laugh with that line: "Where's the buffet?"

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