Dogg Show

Reefer madness: I absolutely loved your Snoop Dogg cover. It was a beautiful piece of art! Plus it was funny to see Kreme cowering in the corner [of the cover page] in awe of Mr. Doggy Dogg and his harem. And the Inferno column itself was very funny and entertaining reading ("Doggfather Daze," Stephen Lemons, May 26).

It's great that Inferno departs from club-land once in a while to inform us about what goes on in the concert world, at least that part of it that's cool. I, for one, would never have the nerve to go to a Snoop concert, though I have enjoyed his music for 10 years, all the way back to his gangster rap days. (I know, as a woman, I'm supposed to be offended by all that "bitches and ho's" stuff, but I always took the lyrics as tongue in cheek, and this music is just so great to dance to!)

But I thought Snoop quit smoking marijuana. You know, so he could be a better role model to his kids, whom I notice from The Best Damn Sports Show Period are members of the peewee football team that Snoop coaches. I guess, however, that folks would be disappointed if they went to a Snoop concert and he wasn't smoking ganja.

I was tickled by the opener to Inferno where Kreme is dreaming of becoming a member of the Dogg pound. It was truly inspired. It would only have been surpassed if he could have really gotten close enough to the Doggfather to see what goes on behind the scenes. That would be news!

Keep up the good work in Inferno! It's great for us housebound types (I'm twentysomething still, but I have a couple of small kids and can't go out like I used to) to see what's going on music-wise in the PHX.
Pamela Clark, Phoenix

Infernal mush: Amy Silverman, John Dougherty, Robrt L. Pela, a fantastic music team -- top to bottom, you have an amazing slate of writers and features. So why, oh why, must you publish the retarded pile of mush known as "Inferno"?

Stephen Lemons isn't a bad restaurant reviewer. But please spare us his attempts to glom on to every half-happening crowd in the Phoenix metro area! (Yeah, I find a fat guy desperately struggling to be liked by enhanced plastic women a bit of a downer.)

The latest foolishness involving Snoop Dogg is another perfect example of Lemons' (or Kreme's) desperate attempt to slice off some cool for himself. This is a New Times cover story? Stop the madness and let Steve/Kreme/Lemons stick to restaurant reviewing.
Chris Becker, Chandler

Cheese Whiz

A comic icon: What a funny story on Richard Cheese, or, should I say, Dick Cheese! What I'm wondering is why this guy would ever want to give up his act. I think it's genius to do such as Nine Inch Nails songs lounge-lizard style. I've been listening to the guy for years, and he's always side-splittingly funny ("Big Cheese," Jimmy Magahern, May 19).

In general, I love everything your writer, Jimmy Magahern, does for New Times. He has such a gift with words. He manages to hook me on every story, even when I'm not that interested in the subject matter.

But I was hugely interested in the Dick Cheese story. What Cheese doesn't understand is that he would have been just a marginal talent in the world of even semi-serious music, but he's an icon in the world he's created. Look at all of his fans! I mean, how many times does any performer get to autograph a beautiful woman's ass!?

Bill Murray, when with the old Saturday Night Live cast, did a funny lounge lizard, which I'm sure was the inspiration for Mark Davis (a.k.a. Dick Cheese), and so did Joe Piscopo in the later cast of that show. But when Davis sings such lyrics as "Rape me, my friend, and rape me again" in that crooner style, it's truly inspired and funny. Those of you just reading this letter and Jimmy's excellent story won't believe me. You have to tune in to Davis' stuff. Listen to it, I'm saying! You won't be able to stop yourself from laughing.

Wow! And Dick Cheese is from Phoenix! Who knew?
Rick Morrison, Phoenix

A laugh riot: That Dick Cheese guy is a riot! I love that guy. I was glad to see that my favorite newspaper did a cover story on him. I've always wondered why the only place you hear about him is on comedy radio, unless you go to Vegas. Thanks for turning on the world to a major Phoenix talent, even if Mark Davis doesn't believe what he's famous for is a talent.
Tamara Olson, Phoenix

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