Thin Skinned
White like me: I just finished reading your article on the recent Aryanfest outside of Phoenix and can't argue with your basic premise that neo-Nazi skinheads, their music, and their lifestyle are easy targets of ridicule ("Barbecue Nations," Susy Buchanan and David Holthouse, February 19). I myself find these kinds of individuals to be both laughable and despicable -- and this is coming from someone who is a white racist himself. I very much want to see these kinds of people brought down, but for far different reasons than you, no doubt. As the author of a pro-white novel, Hold Back This Day, and the founder of Heartland, I have long waged a running battle with the entire skinhead scene, especially against the National Alliance, which likes to speak of "family values" on its Web site, while hypocritically selling "hate-core" music to legions of tattooed thugs.

Thus, whenever I read articles like yours, I say to myself: What do these goddamned jerks expect, acting the way that they do? Looking the way that they do? It's not the "Jew media" making them look like a bunch of baboons -- it's themselves.

So bash away, Ms. Buchanan. And while you do, rest assured that you not only have the support of all the liberals, leftists and anti-white crowd, you also have the good wishes of white racists like me, who see no brotherhood whatsoever with these tattooed, shaved-headed scum.

Ward Kendall
Via e-mail

One step above car salesmen: To bash my racist views is one thing, but to badmouth the TV repair business is the last straw. I and other TV repairmen have worked long and hard to secure a reputation above car salesman. Now in one fell swoop you have backed down the image of TV repairmen by years. Not only do we have to fight the invasion of cheap slave-labor-made electronics, but now you smear us as white racists. Our industry, like most, is dying. So it looks like you may have rescued me in an odd twist. With the bad name for TV repairmen you have helped promote, I will have no other choice than to become a full-time hater and hang up my test meters. Ain't life a bitch. Have a nice day.

Tom Metzger
Via e-mail

History repeats itself: Remember that laughing at and demeaning Hitler made him inconspicuous until it was too late and he grabbed power. So don't ridicule the neo-Nazis or whatever they are so people won't grow complacent of them and the same thing happens over here.

Martin R. Quinones

Jerry's Plan
The vision thing: We've ridden this bus before. If Jerry Colangelo inflicts his "vision" for downtown on us, it's because we let him ("Give the Godfather the Boot," John Dougherty, February 19). We need to give the city council a swift kick where it will do the most good, and Phil Gordon needs to get with the program and stand up to Colangelo.

The city of Phoenix belongs to the people of Phoenix. The people of Phoenix should decide what the downtown area should be like, not Big Daddy. The people of this city should hound the city council and the mayor's office and let them know that we want our vision for the downtown area, not some self-absorbed sports mogul's. If we don't get on the bandwagon now, we're going to be stuck with "Jerry's Vision." God forbid.

Josette Umbertino

Elder Statesmen
Reach out and touch someone: I'm glad ex-AT&T workers are speaking out about what's going on at the customer service center at AT&T ("Wrong Number," Jimmy Magahern, February 19). Older people are discriminated against too much. Just because they are older doesn't mean companies should get rid of them.

I'm finding that younger people are clearly more rude nowadays when it comes to customer service. Even though I am quite young myself (22), I would never act the way a lot of younger people act toward their customers; they have no respect anymore. It's good to know AT&T is not a company worth buying service from.

Name withheld by request

Bishop Bust
No more good old boy: As a practicing Catholic of more than 50 years, a former boy of Father Flanagan's Boys' Home, Boys Town, Nebraska, a person who nearly became a priest (I lived many summers while at Boys Town in a seminary studying to become a priest), and someone who has closely followed the issues going on within the church and, specifically, those involving Bishop O'Brien, there are many things I would like to say ("What Was He Thinking?!" Michael Lacey, February 12). However, I believe that, as concerns Bishop O'Brien, it can all be summed up in Mr. Lacey's four little words: He is a monster! Maybe worse, he is probably going to get away with it. At least in this life.

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