Political Action
That creepy feeling: I've gone around and around about these Tempe mayoral candidates ("The Mouth That Should've Roared," John Dougherty, February 26). But I'd prefer not to vote for the obviously ignorant and corrupt one. That's Dennis Cahill.

If Hugh Hallman is bad for Tempe, we'd know it pretty quickly. But there was so much going on with that stadium fiasco that it hardly fits to blame Hallman for not speaking up. The mayor has more Cardinal mud on his hands than anyone. I laugh as I remember a New Times cover of old.

We in Tempe already know that Cahill spends like a drunken sailor, takes junkets, wastes millions catering to developers at the expense of the poor (the grocery tax), violates campaign laws (learned from his wife) and is not above name-calling.

I'll take the "creepy feeling" you describe over the solid hit my wallet's gonna keep taking from Cahill any time. True, I'm working to help Hallman right now. It beats waiting for Cahill to publish my W2s.

Gene Ganssle
Via e-mail

Not his fault: John Dougherty trashes Hugh Hallman for his acquiescence on Tempe's site selection process for the Cardinals stadium but provides no analysis on where Tempe should have located it. If Tempe had no viable site, he can't blame Hugh Hallman for losing the stadium.

Mr. Dougherty fails to mention that Hallman tried to persuade Arizona State University to build the stadium on its land. Had he been successful, Tempe would still have the Cardinals, the Fiesta Bowl and a future Super Bowl. Did John Dougherty or Dennis Cahill support these efforts? Not that I recall.

Tom Hinchion

Race Relations
Insert your view here: While there is no doubt in my mind that racism is conveyed through both overt and covert actions, many aspects described in Paul Kix's story seem to be, at best, a series of coincidences surrounding an extremely small portion of Millennium High School's population ("The New Racism," February 26).

Whose fault is it if a student club falls flat on its face because of a lack of participation by its members? I have a hard time placing blame on a faculty sponsor not receiving a return on his or her investment of time.

I don't know who should be more embarrassed: the author, for penning two juicy editorial comments near the end of the story (C.H.A.K.A., in effect, was Millennium's black student union, but the club fell apart because no one wanted to sponsor it; and too bad Michael Mack and Tiffeny Denman aren't qualified to sponsor school clubs at Millennium High), the first of which is contradicted by Cloyce Lamb earlier in the story; or his editors, for allowing such a breach of the journalistic ethic to reach the newsstands. I expect journalists to let the readers draw their own conclusions, not insert their own views into the narrative.

Jim Small

A Food Odyssey
Call to odor: I am the owner of the George & Dragon English Restaurant & Pub on North Central Avenue. This letter is a complaint regarding the review written by your food critic Mr. Stephen Lemons in a recent issue of New Times ("Bottom Feeding," February 12). I fully understand that he has a job to do, but certain comments regarding our restaurant were totally absurd and uncalled for. I am not sure where he got the notion that the English serve their fish and chips wrapped in a newspaper cone. That has not happened since the 1960s. Apart from his lack of knowledge about the English culture, he has added insult to injury by telling the public that they can look forward to the welcoming odor of urine.

We consistently pass our health inspection with top marks. I think if the Health Department detected the smell of urine, we would have been informed. Although his comments regarding our food were complimentary and we appreciate them, we at the same time feel very insulted by the comment regarding the urine. I would therefore appreciate an apology and retraction from your publication.

In the nine years that we have been open, this is the first time that we have been truly insulted by your newspaper. I would like all the public to know that they will not be greeted by the smell of urine when they come to dinner. Our restaurant section is completely nonsmoking. You may only smoke in the bar.

I hope you understand my dilemma and concern.

Anne King
George & Dragon LLC

The true bottom feeder: I'm a firm believer in the old saying that if they're throwing stones at you, you must be doing something right. In this case, however, all the bashing of Stephen Lemons is right on the money. As a restaurant reviewer, Mr. Lemons is rude, sophomoric, generally ill-informed, and wholly insufferable due to his proclivity for asides and excesses that typically have nothing to do with the establishment he's supposed to be telling us about. Yeah, Steve, we know this isn't Manhattan or Melrose; we're working on it, okay? As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. Is it really necessary for you to belittle our fair city's fine restaurant folk who are at least making an effort to bring us quality food? Please bring back the wonderful Carey Sweet. She at least knew her food, and if it was bad, she could gently tell you (and the restaurant) why. Unlike Mr. Lemons, who wouldn't know a disco from a dog show.

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