Red light, green light: In the article "Geeks Gone Wild!" (Jimmy Magahern, August 14), I think the writer might have been somewhat overly sympathetic to the "geeks."

So they were not watching the road, going through an intersection, when they were almost broadsided by a truck "running" a yellow light?! Wouldn't that mean they were running a red light?

C'mon, folks, driving is serious business. No cell phones, computers, GPs, makeup sessions, newspaper reading, eating or drinking. I know, you are a superb driver, but when you kill a kid through your inattention, do you think you'll feel so smug?

Name withheld by request


Failure to communicate: While reading your column about the failed cooperation between cities for emergency services ("Deadly Politics," Robert Nelson, August 14), it occurred to me that a little coordinated cooperation among cities could resolve this situation. For the cooperation of emergency services between adjacent locales, if a fund were set up to compensate those cities providing "courtesy" services to other cities for the sake of saving a life by reducing emergency response time, it seems possible that they could obtain compensation from such a fund. The time and effort coordinating and defining member fees and benefit payouts from a fund like this wouldn't be a cakewalk, but if representatives from all local governments within the entire community participated in setting it up, you wouldn't have little petty towns like Goodyear citing lack of funds as a reason for sacrificing somebody's life because they can't afford to respond to a courtesy call.

Tom Marshall

Wives' Tales

Cult following: John Dougherty! I am so proud of you! You pinned the tail on the jackass ("Eyes Wide Shut," August 7)! I had thought that the Colorado City child molester thing was going to die because of lack of momentum. Thanks to you, it will continue until, hopefully, somebody steps in and starts kicking asses and taking names.

Only the most horrible of evil people would use the name of God and the Cult (I hesitate to use the term "church") to molest their own little children.

Damn good work, I say.

James Barbee

Making a federal case out of it: Since Arizona seems to be run by those kids in school who were called slow and rode the short bus, what is actually going to be done? I can't imagine why these pedophiles are getting away with this. If someone would have made the allegation that it was a Catholic priest involved, Rick Romley would be foaming at the mouth, and Terry Goddard would have his panties in a bunch.

I have been following this story for a very long time. It seems to me that the federal government should get involved. The statement was made that, even though polygamy is against the state constitution, it is not actually listed as wrong, or against the law in Arizona. I believe that it is against federal law. Tom Green gets busted and everyone acts like the problem is fixed, thank you, good night. Wake up, assholes! Joe Arpaio, you want publicity, go stop 'em yourself.

Name withheld by request Cover charge: I understand the need to expose the horrors of what is being done to the young girls forced into these polygamist marriages, but I have to say I was horrified by the front page on last week's paper. It is nothing short of child pornography! You could have made your point without that picture -- drawn or photo, nothing like it should be published. Children do see these papers and so do a lot of pedophiles. Thanks for giving them a thrill.

Phyllis Gonzalez
Via e-mail

Pray tell: I have been reading your articles and I'm glad to know that this issue is being exploited. I will be praying for you as you continue to give this exposé on the small polygamist town.

James Walker

Critic's Corner

My dinner with Dennnis: I am Dennnis, the Mill Avenue Food Critic. I am self-appointed and unofficial ("Dinnner' Companion," Spiked, July 24). Some unhappy residents of Tempe, the Greenwich Village of the Desert Southwest, including one letter writer to this paper, continue to miss the point of my mission. Too bad. Opinions that are set in concrete never improve the human condition. My point of view, about all things Mill Avenue, is now widely distributed around the Valley in my guide. It is free for the taking to anyone who picks up the hard copy or surfs my Web site,

Although I am always willing to adjust my point of view, based on my personal experience at local restaurants or retail establishments, most people who work on Mill Avenue understand the concept of Tempe hospitality. But I am also not afraid to print the truth about the behavior of those who don't get it. Criticism of any kind is guaranteed to make someone unhappy. Too bad. Some Mill Avenue businesses reward my value to them and others do not.

I am a serious performance artist who offers a benefit to the businesses that are willing to prove to me that I have a reason to send the public a positive message about what is offered.

I promised my former wife, my son, and all my Tempe friends that failure is not an option. That includes my sobriety (12 months), my magazine, and my behavior. Trying is not good enough, I have to do.

Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe is the most important public urban area in the state of Arizona, and I enjoy my involvement here. I invite you to come downtown, find me, and allow me to make you giggle and roll your eyes. I'll probably save you a few bucks as well.

Dennnis Skolnick
Mill Avenue Food Critic

Film Schooled

From the horse's mouth: Enjoyed your thoughtful review of Seabiscuit ("Bucking the Odds," Jean Oppenheimer, July 24). Disagreed with your disfavor with the interweaving of black-and-white historical stills and narration; my 13-year-old daughter was enthralled throughout the movie, stills and all, and that's amazing given her low boredom threshold. I was glad she got the historical perspective presented that way.

Good job pointing out that Seabiscuit does not appear until well into the movie. It was refreshing to have a background laid for the main story; that is not conventional in recent cinema, but the main event was much enriched thereby; a wise respect of the source material, as you also mentioned.

Wish you'd singled out Chris Cooper's fine performance, but glad you gave William H. Macy a nod.

I give your review three stars and add that it was nearer the mark than the New York Times review. You show promise.

Gary Bowers

Street Wise

Cafe society: Regarding "Cafe Olé" (La Calle, Dan Cortez, August 14): This is a great article I am sending to everyone I know. I love "La Calle." Keep up the good work!

Diana B. Medina

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