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In Cole Blood Bad medicine: Kudos to New Times and especially to Cole Bailey Sr. ("Skinhead Slayer," Susy Buchanan, July 17). I look forward to the day that I read about the cowardly skinheads getting a taste of their own medicine. I also hope Mr. Bailey finds the peace he...

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In Cole Blood

Bad medicine: Kudos to New Times and especially to Cole Bailey Sr. ("Skinhead Slayer," Susy Buchanan, July 17). I look forward to the day that I read about the cowardly skinheads getting a taste of their own medicine. I also hope Mr. Bailey finds the peace he seeks, whether it be through the legal system or his own administration of justice through vengeance. Either way, the community will have been done a big favor.

James P. Mertz

The profiler: I loved "Skinhead Slayer!" Cole Bailey Sr. is the rip-snortin'-est goth since Alaric himself, and probably would have made the subject of a great profile even had his son's murder not inspired him to assume the role of obsessed avenger. Keep on digging up human treasures!

Max Lindenman

In the name of the father: As a faithful reader of New Times for many, many months, picking up the issue titled "Skinhead Slayer" drew my attention. Cole Bailey Sr. is a true American, fighting for the slaying of his son, and for justice. Would no father do the same if his son was murdered waiting for a cab? And by whom? Cowards who targeted a white kid just because they were ejected from a local bar for getting into a fight they started. I wouldn't mind telling you, I'd do the same thing if that was my son who was murdered.

C.J. Smith

Skinhead no more: Let me say this about the two articles("Skinhead Slayer"and "Local Hero," Susy Buchanan, June 19) -- they are printed to let people get their feelings out. But on the bigger side of it, all they can do is start shit.

My anger is that the "local hero" that keeps being talked about is no more. I know Josh personally, and he has walked away from the set (skinheads). Trying to rebuild his life and fix what has been broken in his life. That is very hard to do when every time you turn around people are throwing shit up in your face about being a skinhead and that article. Do I know it's hard to start over when your past is bad and people look at you for what they heard or read and not for who you are? Hell yes! Why? Because I'm a black man.

So New Times says they are for the people, see if they'll print this one.

Name withheld by request

Skin games: I was sorely disappointed with Susy Buchanan's slant on the skinheads "headed" by Josh Fiedler ("Local Hero"). I wondered is she really that gullible, does she have a crush on him, or did Josh run a game on her?

As for Cole Bailey Sr., my heart breaks for him for the loss of his son. He has the right idea, though. When you can't count on the police department to take care of the problem, take care of it yourself. I wish him all the best, and for all our sakes, I hope Sammy [Compton] and Chris [Whitley] do get out of jail. A father's justice seems much more appropriate than the plea-bargained slap on the wrist they will probably get from the court system. If Bailey Sr. were to exact vengeance for his son's death, I doubt a jury in this country would convict him. I know I wouldn't. If there were anything I could do to help him, I would do so in a minute!

I can only hope that people will realize that the skinheads are a very real threat to everyone, including whites. If you dare to disagree with them, or leave them once you rediscover your brain, they will not stop trying to hunt you down for what they consider to be "betrayal of the brotherhood."

Name withheld by request


Misspoken: I really enjoyed the story on El Portal ("The Soupervisor," La Calle, Dan Cortez, July 17), but feel I should let you know that Jake Flake is not the Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives. He is the Speaker of the House. Bob Robson is the Speaker Pro Tempore. Other than that, great article!

Andrea Allen

Labor Dispute

Laying down the law: In regard to your article "Earth to Emma" (Spiked, July 10): Now Emma Barwood is not breaking the law by investigating UFOs or living in Dewey or owning a firearm. But Peggy Neely and the rest of the Phoenix City Council are breaking the law by building these labor centers. In fact, they are breaking numerous laws including circumventing the tax system by condoning the practice of paying in cash without deductions that most workers have to pay. You've heard the phrase no man is above the law. Apparently your paper doesn't agree. If Sheriff Joe were building these labor centers, you'd be all over him! Are you familiar with the word "hypocrite"?

According to you, I'm a flake. I have seen a UFO (but no weapons of mass destruction), I'd like to have a place up north, and I own a gun.

Walt Wenker
Via e-mail

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