Heather and Yon

Motherly love: My heart goes out to Heather Grossman and her kids ("Paralyzed in Paradise," Amy Silverman, May 1) . Shame on the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for dismissing Heather's case! The county attorney needs to be schooled in domestic abuse behavior so that next time he won't so easily dismiss this type of case.

I am a mom who has a child at the same school that Heather's kids go to. I have seen Heather on numerous occasions visiting the school in support of her kids. I feel so bad about what has happened to her and her kids at the hands of her sick and abusive husband. How can anyone be so cruel? This man should definitely be punished!

His family should continue to pay for her medical care. They are the ones who created this monster!

I want Heather and her kids to know that there are many people who care about them and wish them nothing more than to get the respect, love and care they deserve. If this article said anything, it speaks volumes of a mother's love and the will to survive.

Patrice Farner
Via e-mail

Helping hand: Thank you for your article on Heather Grossman. It is appalling to me that the county prosecutor thinks he doesn't have enough evidence to go to court. So, Heather changed her story. Has he ever been the victim of mental and physical torture? People will say what they need to say in order to stay alive. It is only when they feel safe that the truth can be told. What about all the other people who are willing to testify as to what went on? It sickens me that this man will be getting away with terrorizing Heather and her children. I was wondering if you knew of any efforts being made on her behalf. I'm sure that this story has enraged more than just a few people and it is my guess that if we knew where to express our fury, we would. Can you help? I've e-mailed the county prosecutor's office as well as the governor. What more can I, as well as other concerned victims' advocates, do? I wish 20/20 or one of the other news programs would get ahold of this, but I don't know how to go about that. I'm appalled and sickened that this case is being dismissed and would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

Mary Buchanan

Patients and Prudence

Payback time: This is a great story ("Rent a Patient," Paul Rubin, April 24). I just hope those who cashed the checks don't have to pay anything back as a result.

Jessica Morris
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Pompous circumstance: Gregory Weinkauf makes one thing abundantly clear in his review of X2: X-Men United: He is waaaaaay smarter and cooler than the rest of us ("Violent Femmes," May 1)!

Now if he could've explained his opinion with the same clarity, we'd be in business. He spends a majority of his review throwing out big words and sly references like he's a homecoming queen throwing candy at a parade. His review exudes such a pretentious and pompous attitude that I was shocked to finally discover (in the closing paragraph) he seems to have liked the movie.

Well, regardless of what his opinion is, at least he knows the proper way to pronounce Xavier.

Jason Williams

More Sermons on the Mount

The race card: As a Native American woman, I find this column offensive beyond words ("Squaw Peeved," April 17). Robert Nelson claims to be a reporter. I see him as a racist. In his article all he did was publish his racist views along with his distaste for Governor Napolitano. Is it not the duty of a newspaper to print the truth? Can this man not hear the voices of millions of Native American women when they shout this word is offensive? My question to you is simple: This is the 21st century -- must we really continue to allow racism against anyone? If two wrongs made a right, perhaps all Native Americans should start calling all white women whores. Then, according to language, NA women and white women would be equal. Is that how we want to live in America?

Lori Sullivan

You're welcome: Now if I were a Republican, I would be yelling foul. How dare this governor try to upstage our president and his war on Iraq by trying to steal some headline space? If I were a Democrat, I would just say, Ah, that's nice. Besides, why in the hell are we trying to protect a name like Squaw Peak anyway?

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