Letters From the Issue of Thursday, August 17, 2006

Memorial Daze

A necessary reminder: I can't believe the ignorance of New Times readers like Conner Young regarding what happened to us on September 11, 2001 ("Shameless Exploitation," Letters, August 10). To say that we don't need another memorial to the people who died on that day at the World Trade Center, in Pennsylvania and in the nation's capital is heartless, as well as uninformed.

If we built memorials to those slain on that fateful day in every city in America — in the world — it would be too few! And I applaud Governor Janet Napolitano for having the good sense to realize that Arizona needs to erect its tribute to that international tragedy. No matter how much money it costs.

Even if, as The Bird said ("Monument Valley," August 3), we are among the last to do this, it's still about time. The Bird is just very wrong that we must move on from this awful event. How can we? Just recently, we saw how close terrorism is to our shores. Terrorists in England were going to bomb a slew of airliners that were headed our way. Fortunately, the British authorities stopped them, or at least we hope they did.

If our Arizona memorial does nothing more than keep the threat of terrorism in the minds of bored, ignorant Americans, it will have done its job. We can never become complacent again, and monuments like this are a necessary reminder.
Janet Haskins, via the Internet

We remember all too well: New Times will stop at nothing to try to embarrass Governor Janet Napolitano. You really stooped low when you tried to smear her for, of all things, pushing for a 9/11 memorial here.

What you young people at New Times may not remember are all the idiot governors we had in the past in this state: Ev Mecham, Fife Symington, Jane Hull. At least Janet is a Democrat with smarts.

I, too, wish she would be more decisive and stand up on the big issues. But if she infuriated the Mormons in this state, as John Dougherty and The Bird seem to think she should do, she could never get elected again, much less get many of her programs through the Legislature.

Wake up, New Times: She's the best we've ever had, even if that wouldn't be saying much in a state like California or New York.
Mandy Dalton, via the Internet


America's got (no) talent: I can't believe New Times thought Ryan Avery was worthy of a cover story ("Hi, My Name Is Ryan," Benjamin Leatherman, August 3). I have seen his act a couple of times, and his is about the stupidest thing going. I'm surprised he isn't on that new show America's Got Talent in the weirdo competition. Ryan, if you haven't thought of that, maybe that's your ticket to winning a new Ford Avalanche, or whatever sport utility vehicle they are giving away next week.

I thought you guys were scraping the bottom of the barrel when you profiled do-nothing, no-talent drug fiend Katie Rose ("It Girl," Megan Irwin, May 25), but this feature on Ryan takes the cake. I'm just happy that the Fathers Day songs only last five seconds to less than a minute.

Just because the guy looks like the white 230-pound Gary Coleman doesn't mean he has an ounce of talent. In fact, Gary Coleman didn't have an ounce of talent. No, wait a minute, maybe Ryan is the next Gary Coleman.

Too big and fat. Ryan, when you finish your Mormon mission, take off to Tinsel Town. Don't come back to Phoenix, please!!!
Gavin O'Neal, Phoenix

Can't keep your eyes off him: Watching Ryan Avery is like watching a car wreck. But I always slow down and stare when I pass one of those, especially if there are stretchers along the edge of the freeway.

This is why Ryan has so many fans in Phoenix. Once he starts thrashing around, you can't keep your eyes off him. Isn't that what entertainment is supposed to be in a world where we're all bored with traditional crap?
Anna Nelson, Phoenix

Splitting hairs: The cover story? With Ryan Avery? Are you kidding? Why is it every time I see the cover of New Times, it has something to do with drugs or people who need their asses kicked? This child "played" at my venue, the Brickhouse, and managed to fuck more things up in 15 minutes than 20 hardcore shows put together. You call it antics, I call it the reason good bands can't get a decent place to play. Such a shame.
Roger Belfiore, Phoenix

Frank's also on a Mormon mission: We smelled a rat as soon as Ryan Avery showed up! Clown in a costume, trying too hard, desperate for attention, etc. Even worse — the malignant tapeworm of organized religion. Your "follow-up" report can be about how many minds he helped wreck with his mind-numbing cartoon religion. Good riddance, and where is frank discussion when we need him?
Anton. Mooncalf, Phoenix

Cone heads: Bravo, Benjamin, on an excellent article on Ryan, Andrew and Tristan. What outstanding performance artists they all are. I feel like I know all of them that much better now, and we've been friends for quite a while at that!
Kathy Cone, Phoenix

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