Letters From the Issue of Thursday, December 20, 2007


Get off your butts: Sanctuary city? Yeah, Phoenix is a sanctuary city — for bigots and carpetbaggers ("Hen Party," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, December 13; also see "Goober Caves" on the Feathered Bastard blog.

Phil Gordon is a tool. Why does the mayor have to do anything about immigration? Doesn't he have enough problems to work on, like city stuff?

The one good outcome from all of this is Gordon will now and forever be known for what he really is, a waffling wienie.

This "crisis" isn't about immigration, it's about turds who can't cut the mustard needing someone to blame for their own inadequacies.

Imagine having all of the advantages of citizenship but still not having the work ethic to compete with a guy who not only doesn't have his citizenship but doesn't speak the language? Boo hoo, get off your butt!
Hank Hill, via the Internet


Joe in pantyhose? We could see it: I have been following your ongoing examination of Sheriff Joe Arpaio ("Information Blockade," Ray Stern, December 13; "Power Play," Paul Rubin, December 6, and "Enemies List," Sarah Fenske, November 29).

Recently, I began noting the striking similarities between Sheriff Joe Arpaio and J. Edgar Hoover. Abuse of power, use of a public office for private gain, vendettas, collaboration with public officials, attacks on other public officials, self promotion, a messianic us-against-them mentality.

The longer they both wielded policing powers the worse the abuses get. Can high heels and pantyhose be far behind?
Jeffrey Rausch, Scottsdale

"The Mexican Barney Fife": Now, that [Arpaio spokesman] Paul Chagolla (oh, excuse me, Captain Paul Chagolla) is a real credit to humanity, isn't he? Somebody should teach that guy a lesson in decency. Wait, Ray Stern did just that in "Information Blockade."

Stern succeeded in making Chagolla look like the perfect stooge for an old 'tard like Joe Arpaio. But what I wonder is, how does Chagolla sleep at night working for a dictator who screws over Chagolla's own people?

I assume Chagolla's Hispanic — oh, I guess he definitely could be just some reptile that crawled out of the sewer. His family must hate him for working for the biggest racist scumbag government official in state history.

I've got friends who work for the sheriff, and they laugh at Chagolla. They call him "the dumb, little Arpaio ass-kisser" or "the Mexican Barney Fife."
Al Mercado, Phoenix

Safer in Iraq? It's possible: I have come to the conclusion that, while serving in the armed forces fighting enemies overseas, I have let the enemies from my own county run amuck. I can't believe all that Sheriff Joe has done. When will someone wake up?

I was wishing I was at home for the holidays, but now I see I am much safer overseas! Oh yes, I will be voting in the next election; and (guess what, Joe?) I will be voting for anyone who runs against you!

William Tallant, Phoenix

A masterpiece? Aw, shucks: Over the past too many years, when it comes to the office of sheriff, it's always all about him, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It is disheartening to hear of the blatant abusiveness with which Joe is attacking New Times and its readers for obvious personal gain.

I nearly fear sending this letter in support of New Times. A plain old Arizona citizen like me could end up of interest on the target list simply for exercising my own First Amendment rights. However, if I do not exercise my rights in favor of safety, then I deserve neither.

Is there anybody out there with me? If Arizona loses New Times (and in my heart I believe that is exactly what Joe wants), we start over with nothing. We would lose a literary and journalistic masterpiece.
R. Kempley, Phoenix

No benevolent dictators here: Long ago, I read that that the perfect form of government is the benevolent dictatorship, where the trains run on time, etc. Sheriff Joke and County Attorney Candy-Ass Thomas seem to have the dictatorship part down, but must have been hiding behind the door when the benevolent part got handed out.

[Fired Maricopa County special prosecutor] Dennis Wilenchik, are you peering over my shoulder?
Jim Lehman, via the Internet

Yes, they're coming after you: What is happening to First Amendment rights in Arizona? Or how about truth in reporting? We have one publication that hasn't been afraid to provide some measure of truth. That would be New Times.

The articles might sometimes be a bit abrasive, and let's not get started on tasteful advertising issues. The fact here is real freedom. I said it: Freedom of press is under attack and on the most-endangered list!

The use of public office to further an agenda and exact revenge on the people and the press is just another unthinkable consequence of [the public] not thinking when we elected this sheriff!

Wake up! Wake up! The sheriff and the county attorney are not just coming after the press, they are coming after you!
Nat Rameriz, Phoenix

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