Letters From the Issue of Thursday, December 27, 2007


Boggles the mind: Your series on constitutional abuses by Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been mind-boggling. Each week I've grabbed New Times to see what horrors would be waved in front of our faces ("Inhumanity Has a Price," John Dickerson, December 20; "Information Blockade," Ray Stern, December 13; "Power Play," Paul Rubin, December 6, and "Enemies List," Sarah Fenske, November 29; see also this week's installment of the "Target Practice" series).

What's amazing about the information you've provided is that it proves what tyrants these two really are. They are truly power-mad, and don't give a damn who they trample to get their egos inflated, to keep their jobs. And, in Andy Thomas' case, try to get a much bigger public job. They will go after anybody who crosses them: Innocent people, sick people, newspaper reporters, political opponents, judges.

This is truly abuse of power at its worst, and these two must be driven out of office. Arpaio is literally old enough to have been a Hitler (or Mussolini) youth, but what's Thomas' excuse?
Betty Marks, Phoenix

A small price to pay, Jon: As much as I love New Times' continuing assault on that shithead, ass-wart Joe Arpaio, there is a possible downside to all of it. We have seen how much Arpaio craves publicity of any kind. I fear that New Times might be indirectly feeding that mighty ego of his! Ah, what the fuck? Keep giving it to him!
Jon Krieger, Phoenix

We never said they were saintly: Judges are not political? Judges never, never make the wrong decisions? Judges never make rulings based on political or personal biases? Judges always make rulings pursuant to the law?

Should we not expect all three branches of government to constantly check the other branches? Isn't that what our government is supposed to be doing? I usually really, really like Paul Rubin's articles, but I don't care for the pro-judiciary slant in "Power Play."

The judges are placed on the bench by the governor, and even though we "vote" to "retain" them, we get very little information about whether they really rule according to the law. And the judicial oversight commission mentioned in the article almost never disciplines a Superior Court judge.

Are all 95-plus of them really such perfect employees of the citizenry? Seems awfully hard to believe.
Annalisa Alvrus, via the Internet

Join the recall effort now: Please, if you feel that these two fascist thugs [the sheriff and the county attorney] should be stopped legally, constitutionally and non-violently, help us with the recall.

We have filed official recall papers, and even if we are not successful the first time, we are going to hound these two criminal and unconstitutional thugs with another legal and constitutional recall.

Help us and help Arizona. We are not associated with any politician or political group. We are only associated with the U.S. Constitution. I am chair of Arizonans of the U.S. Constitution and For the Recall of Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas. Contact me at 623-206-2039 or at [email protected] or contact recall effort treasurer William Crum at 602-300-8851.
Leonard Clark, via the Internet

Stick to your jobs, Joe and Andy: Maricopa County and Arizona need political and justice officials who will seek to be "reasonable and fair" — people who don't use their positions to try to squash political opponents.

The Maricopa County attorney and sheriff use any opportunity to get their faces in front of a camera. They should stick to doing their jobs and not go after people who disagree with them. We are supposed to be a democracy, and in a democratic society, people should be free to voice their disagreements.

Also, the press should be free to publish the truth as the facts support, not as some political officials want. Do I need to remind people what happened to the guy who played "Joe Arizona" in political ads? What another person named Joe did to him?
J.A. Moran, via the Internet

You're welcome, Tony: I'm a Phoenix native and a longtime reader of New Times, and I just wanted to thank you guys. Especially The Bird, and the two gentlemen [New Times founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin] who were arrested by the wanna-be SS troops in the middle of the night ("Who's Sorry Now?", Stephen Lemons, October 25, and "Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution," October 18).

You are the only media outlet that is getting out the word on the criminal sheriff and county attorney, and you provide balanced reporting on the immigration situation in Arizona, as well. Keep up the good work.
Tony Dimas, via the Internet

Read "Target Practice" from start to finish, and make noise: New Times, let us know what we can do to help stop these criminals. Give us information that will help us get these felons charged with the crimes that they have committed and punished for this blatant abuse of public office.

This should be handled in a way as to make an example of them so that this will never happen again. We will not tolerate this kind of behavior; it is absolutely unacceptable and a breach of the public's trust.
Sandra Rennie, via the Internet

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