Letters From the Issue of Thursday, February 2, 2006

Howard's End

Bow to Stern: Thank you for such a well-written story. I have been a loyal Howard Stern listener since I was 16 years old; I am now 39 ("After Shock," Sarah Fenske, January 26). I moved from New Jersey 14 years ago, and it was very painful to move away from my family, and Howard.

I cried in joy the day I heard Howard on the air in Phoenix 10 years ago. Howard was my little sinful secret from back East.

I think we all remember how hard it is to let a great TV show end -- Cheers, Friends, Magnum, P.I. These shows were on for only half an hour to an hour a week, with about 20 episodes per year. These three shows, which happen to be my favorites, collectively have made up less than 1 percent of the amount of enjoyment that I have received from the 23 years of Howard.
Rich Caravello, Chandler

The Wrong Arm of the Law

The idiot's idiot: What has New Times got against wimpy little Andy Thomas? Just because he's got almost no prosecutorial experience and is the County Attorney, wants to hide an election scam from the public ("Pressure Tactics," John Dougherty, January 26) and plays racial politics ("Mexican Busting," The Bird, Robrt L. Pela, January 19) doesn't mean he isn't a great guy!

Seriously, thanks for making an idiot out of this Harvard-educated idiot. And for making people see him for what he is. I certainly hope that Thomas is just playing politics with his anti-Latino hype, because the alternative is horrible. The alternative to that makes him a latter-day George Wallace or something.

Also, if he isn't just grabbing headlines about the DUI courts, that says something about his smarts, or lack of them. I'm saying our County Attorney is a real dumb-ass if he doesn't even know that the DUI courts are rehab programs.

So here's what we're left with: County Attorney Andrew Thomas is either a racist dumb-ass or a politician with no scruples. Wait a minute, I think that last thing's an oxymoron.

As for his blocking a right-thinking state senator and New Times from finding out what went wrong in an election, that's just off the charts! Why can't the state Attorney General's Office, or some honest law enforcement agency, step in and do something about him?
Arturo Mendez, Phoenix

The will of the people: I can't believe you can get away with saying that Andy Thomas is acting like a racist, when all he's done is reflect the will of the people who elected him. Also, what do you mean by saying his office doesn't have anything to do with illegal immigration?!

He proved that he has everything to say about illegal immigration when he refused to prosecute that patriotic war veteran who detained those wetbacks at the rest stop. That's sending a message that good people in Arizona -- and most of them are white -- won't tolerate Mexicans flooding into our state. If that makes Andy Thomas a racist, then I'm a racist, too, and so are a lot of other Arizonans!
James Spencer, Glendale

Candy Thomas: Thanks for calling Andy Thomas what he is: a fucking Mexican-hater! I don't buy that he is just doing this to get publicity; I think he's got it in for all of us who came to this country from Mexico. My only hope is that enough of us register to vote so that we can kick his candy ass to the curb ASAP.

I really enjoyed The Bird's putdown of him, and I loved the column on how he and a few other stonewalling Republicans are trying to keep the public from finding out what went on in the District 20 election. You called him a "ninny," and New Times sure has made him look like one ("Rocking the Boat," Rick Barrs, January 12).
Juan Malone, Ahwatukee

Felony wordsmithing: Robrt L. Pela's the flaming racist, in English or in Spanish, not Andrew Thomas.

Thank God taxpayers disagree with his idiotic tripe and understand the difference between language and race.

Mr. Pela, I hope you behave better than you write, or the County Attorney's Office may have another felon to process soon. I'm sure Mr. Thomas would welcome that opportunity, as well as would Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Please continue taking your meds. Your irrational thinking makes you a threat to public safety.
Rusty Childress, Phoenix

Something to hide: Thank you so much for your excellent coverage of the election issues around here. It takes courage to fight against the stonewallers.

You have noted correctly that the reason they're fighting is because they have something to hide. Election integrity should be a nonpartisan issue -- but those who have something to gain from hiding the truth have exposed themselves.

We need a new voting system that uses paper ballots. Right now, it's against the law in Arizona to count paper. Who came up with that law?

Please keep up the pressure. You should win a Pulitzer Prize for the journalism that is sadly lacking today in the other [Arizona] newspapers!
Lianda Ludwig, Tucson

Fourth-estate infection: John Gideon's daily link list of newspaper articles on voting/election developments around the country led me to "Rocking the Boat." Keep it up, and see what you can do to infect your fourth-estate colleagues with some of the courage you display.
Guy Hathaway, Rhinebeck, New York

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