Letters From the Issue of Thursday, July 27, 2006

Candy Nobody Wants

Coward of the county: Funny column by The Bird on Andy Thomas. I can't believe this guy was cowering inside his office under armed guards during the peaceful pro-illegal-immigration march ("Candy Thomas," July 20). He's truly clueless about the people he hates.

I still can't believe he's married to a Latina. How can he be so intolerant of Mexicans? Does his wife even read English? Has she not read of all the atrocities he is committing against our heritage?

Elias Bermudez, executive director of Immigrants Without Borders, got it right: Thomas definitely has a "phobia." And so do a lot of other white-breads in Phoenix. Which is why Thomas is able to get away with his blatantly racist tactics.

This illegal-immigration bugaboo is a big deal to a lot of white people here in Arizona, and I'm sure Thomas plans to use it to try to get elected to higher office someday. He would fall in a long line of racist politicians in this state.

Thank you, New Times, for never letting Thomas off the hook. For never missing an opportunity to remind everybody that Thomas is either playing racial politics or a much more dangerous game (at least where Latinos are concerned). Because he is smarter, I think he is a bigger menace in this state than senile Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Elias Valenzuela, Phoenix

Minuteman in a suit: "Candy Andy." You said it! What a chicken.

To hear him tell it, he's a big, bad, Minuteman-type guy. Yet he's afraid to face the people he torments. I, for one, would have loved to see some of the Latinos he's always criticizing get in his face at his office.

Why doesn't he speak before an assemblage of Arizona Mexican-Americans to explain why he has made Mexican-hating first on his agenda as county attorney? Probably because his throng of armed guards wouldn't be able to protect him. Many of us are getting tired of turning the other cheek only to be considered violent anyway by the likes of Candy Thomas.

It was poetic justice that he lost the cases against those two undocumented workers who hardly fit the definition of the "coyote" law. Thanks to Judge Thomas O'Toole for having some integrity. It was a refreshing change around here.
Name withheld by request

Only two?: Only two words come to mind regarding Candy Ass Thomas and Bozo Joke Arpaio: Fucking morons!
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

Porn Free

The response was inappropriate: I would like to thank The Bird for finally letting the public know what the overwhelming majority of the so-called inappropriate e-mails at the Mesa Police Department really contained ("Molehill Mountain," The Bird, July 13).

Ever since the e-mail scandal was leaked to the mainstream media, it was made to appear that porn was being forwarded from one employee to the next. I believe the total number of actual pornographic e-mails was fewer than 10. The majority of the rest were e-mails seen by anybody with an e-mail account at work or at home, and the majority of those were sent during breaks and not on city time as suggested by the "fair and accurate" daily newspaper reporters.

The city's 10-year-old e-mail policy was in place at the time of the investigation, and many of the so-called inappropriate e-mails were actually allowed. It wasn't until after the investigation that a new policy was written.

The real story is how the whole thing even came to light and how the city handled it once the press became involved.
Name withheld by request

Jocularity-challenged: I don't think it's so much that we have lost our sense of humor at the office as it is that our sense of humor has gone underground. The political-correctness cops these days are as powerful as the old KGB in the Soviet Union. People are indeed afraid of getting sent to employment Siberia if they offend.

But The Bird is right that some sanity needs to return to the workplace. If workers live in fear of being cited for passing along a funny (albeit bawdy) e-mail, then they aren't going to be very happy campers. It follows that people hate their jobs nowadays.

What the Mesa Police Department needs to ensure is that employees do their jobs. People's lives depend on it, and nobody will care if an officer looked at a half-naked girl over the Internet at police headquarters if he saves a kid's life in the line of duty. Please, Mesa city officials, get a grip!
Tim Newcomb, via the Internet

A Big Stew

Arrogant ownership: Please do not play the sob story about Ajo Al's ("Panic Attack," Sarah Fenske, July 13). The owner is one of the most arrogant sons of bitches in the industry. His refusal to correct repeat violations and "screw-you" attitude has led to his demise. To boot, his sons, who run some of his restaurants, aren't educated in the restaurant profession.
M.C. Johnson, Phoenix

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