Letters From the Issue of Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bad Rap

Hip-hop lite: I remember when rappers were bad, like Tupac and N.W.A (that's Niggas With Attitude). An ex-con named Suge Knight produced a lot of these thugs out of a label called Death Row Records. You see where I'm goin' here. Rap was gangsta. No little chicks allowed, motherfucker! Now we have 13-year-olds doing it. Guess that's why rap's now called hip-hop. As in hopscotch.

I'm talking about your story on Super Nova Sta ("Super Star Search," Serene Dominic, October 12). As I was reading this story, I was wondering how this little girl could possibly have anything to say, any experiences to pass along. But I guess this had to happen to rap, just like it happened to rock and even punk rock back in the day. The bubblegum crowd starts to get involved.
Tom Lawson, via the Internet

Noam Man's Land

Not a big fan: Isn't it inspiring that the people who put together the Arizona 9/11 Memorial turned to Noam Chomsky, of all liberal extremists, as an inspiration for many monument slogans ("Noam's Nimrods," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, October 12)?! And then Governor Janet Napolitano steps right in it and tries to take full credit for the damned thing. Whoops!

If she and her staff had been doing their homework, they would have known that Arizonans are no fans of MIT's Professor Chomsky. Somebody in her administration obviously dropped the ball and didn't let her know that this could become a controversy if anybody found out that the memorial had an extreme leftist slant. Controversy like this is something she studiously avoids.

Unfortunately, this won't be enough to put Republican Len Munsil in the governor's office, I'm afraid, but it was nevertheless a hoot to watch the hilarious events unfold.

I think it was The Bird who first brought this controversy to light and suggested that the damned shrine was an embarrassment. Then, Munsil jumped on the bandwagon and said he's going to tear it down, if elected. Too bad he won't be, because, as The Bird screeched, who needs a September 11 memorial in far-away Arizona? The Bird said the money for this travesty should have been sent to New York or Washington where the tragedies actually happened, and he's right!

But back to the good governor, this just shows us how out of touch she is with the Arizona electorate. She's been a do-nothing governor all along; I think she's kept her head in the dust rather than let us find out her true beliefs. The memorial squabble was interesting because it made it clear that she's as left as they come, right up there with Bill and Hillary.
Glenn Scott, address withheld by request

Flag-wavers and flag-burners: It's funny how Governor Janet Napolitano at first thought she was appealing to the conservative flag-wavers by taking credit for the 9/11 Memorial, and now she's being tarred and feathered as practically a commie. Noam Chomsky and the governor, side by side. Ha, I love it! As usual, she tried to play both ends against the middle, and for once got fucked. High time!
J.T. Hahn, Tucson

Smear tactics: I'm not quite sure where to start with the smear of Noam Chomsky that Stephen Lemons has written, so I will quote The Bird section by section.

"Come closer, bird-brains. This wicked whippoorwill wants to whisper the name of the radical, blame-America blowhard who partly inspired the controversial list of 54 factoids and quotes cut into the humongo steel Funyun down at Wesley Bolin Plaza, a Funyun otherwise known as AZ's 9/11 Memorial."

We start off with a rude diatribe to prepare us for real statements. Do we need attempts at wit like this to discuss issues?

"Noam Chomsky. Yep, the way-left loon's slim volume 9/11 was one of six books listed in the bibliography of research notes from which the memorial's designers cribbed statements to etch into the Funyun."

We continue with insults which state one fact. Noam Chomsky has one of six books listed in the bibliography of research notes.

"Mere mention of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology linguist and American foreign policy critic sends rightists into convulsive spit-fits along the lines of those induced by George Soros and Bill Clinton. Chomsky's slim, 128-page pamphlet is a fine example why. In it Chomsky alleges the United States is a 'terrorist state,' while simultaneously condemning the 9/11 attacks on America."

I would disagree with the writer that Noam Chomsky is usually not discussed with Soros or Clinton. He attacks Clinton rather viciously, but the point is minor. But we do learn two facts. Noam Chomsky believes America is a terrorist state, and believes that the attack on 9/11 was performed by terrorists. Committing terrorist acts should be condemned. So the logical question is, why does Noam Chomsky believe America is a terrorist state? If it's hogwash, it should be easy to refute, but that is not done.

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