Letters From the Issue of Thursday, October 6, 2005

Tearing Down the Walls

Corrupt, sickening creep: Finally, after John Dougherty's tireless reporting for the better part of five years, state and local authorities move in on Colorado City, Arizona! Never has anything been so eagerly awaited by right-thinking residents of Arizona and Utah ("Under Siege," September 22).

All I want to ask Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is, why did it take so long? All I want to ask Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is, why did you let him get away?

By him, I'm referring to Hildale, Utah, resident and Mormon fundamentalist Prophet Warren Jeffs, who, Dougherty proved in his last exhaustive article, is not only corrupt and a pedophile but is also a homosexual rapist. Of his own nephew!

How can even the faithful in the polygamist communities of Hildale and Colorado City continue to support him after this sickening detail? Granted it's only in a lawsuit, but why would the, uh, holy man's own kin lie about something like that? I'm sure the young man had to work up the courage to come forward. And, as Dougherty noted, it only happened after young Jeffs' brother killed himself (probably because his uncles had gang-raped him for all those years).

Now, isn't it just peachy that these cretins are moving their encampment to rural Texas? Wonder how long it will take the yahoos out there to catch on and actually mount what it has taken Arizona years to mount -- that is, criminal charges against a load of the polygamists for sex-with-a-minor and fraud charges. Did you get a look at that temple these backwoods Moonies are building in the Lone Star state? If I hadn't seen it in your pages, I wouldn't have believed it possible for them to move so fast on this Taj Mahal.

I love it that Jeffs is on the FBI's Most Wanted List. This is the Wild West, after all, so isn't it too bad that Goddard can't offer his $10,000 reward for Jeffs dead or alive? On second thought, why allow these cultists the privilege of martyring this homo creep? Better to see him rot in prison somewhere for all the abuses he's administered.
Terry Rockstadt, Salt Lake City

He was right: I'm a mainstream Mormon (the only real kind), and frankly I've thought John Dougherty has had a vendetta for us for a long time. He has never disassociated us from the polygamists whom we despise. He seems to think that we are somehow involved or complicit in their criminal activity.

But after reading that Prophet Warren Jeffs raped his own nephew, I've got to now give Dougherty kudos. We cannot allow this kind of thing to continue happening. As a former Utah resident, I only wonder why Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff hasn't done what he said he was going to do and bring Jeffs to justice. He had his chance, and then he let Jeffs get away. Now, Warren will be as hard to find as Osama, and with as many bodyguards protecting him.

As I said, I'm now a convert to Dougherty's campaign to put Jeffs behind bars and bring other pedophiles to justice in Colorado City and Hildale. I just hope authorities act before the community is moved to Texas lock, stock and barrel.
Lianne Pitzer, Las Vegas

Breaking the silence: I just finished reading your latest piece on the polygamy issue. In fact, I've read almost all the previous ones, and I just want to say that finally someone has the guts to expose this problem.

I was raised in Mohave County in the '50s, and it was the dirty little secret everyone knew but no one would address. And then Short Creek (now Colorado City and Hildale) was raided, all hell broke loose and the lid slammed tight on Pandora's box once again for half a century.

New Times has done a hell of a job investigating and reporting this issue. At last something is being done, thanks to your paper!
Carlos W. Noli, Glendale

A good start: I want to thank New Times for never giving up until something is done about a terrible problem. Finally, law enforcement is heeding John Dougherty's relentless reporting on corruption among the Mormon polygamists and taking legal steps. High time!

When will officials like Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard finally get Dougherty's message on corrupt old creep Joe Arpaio? How much cruelty and stupidity must Dougherty expose about Sheriff Joke's department before something is done?
Joe Dalton, via the Internet

No Calm After the Storm

Elitist bigotry: As a native Arizonan, I found Jimmy Magahern's article about the Katrina survivors staying here in Phoenix deeply disturbing and offensive ("Storm Troopers," September 22).

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